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New Blender Sidekick: Tall & Skinny Silicone Scraper

How many times have you stared helplessly down into the bottom of your blender or blender cup at quite a bit of delicious-looking smoothie left, but were unable to get it out?

Enter the new stainless steel and silicone 310 Blender Scraper – which is the absolute perfect size and shape to scrape out every last bit of your smoothie so that none of it goes to waste.

Not only that, but this unique scraper can also multi-task and do many additional things as you prep and make your healthy meals for the day.

Here’s why we think you’re going to love this new innovative kitchen tool…

5 Reasons to Love NEW 310 Blender Scraper:

  • No Smoothie Left Behind

Whether you’re making a smoothie, smoothie bowl, sauce, soup, dip, or anything else in your blender, this tall and skinny scraper easily reaches the bottom, and is perfectly contoured to scrape it all out – even from the blades! You’re guaranteed to get more of your food from the blender when you use this scraper. And especially when it comes to targeted highly-nutritional add-ins like meal replacement shake powder, collagen, peanut butter powder, superfood juice powder and more – you don’t want to leave any benefits behind to rinse down the drain!

  • Versatile Kitchen Tool 

You can also use this silicone scraper for many uses beyond the blender! It makes a great addition to your cooking, baking, mixing, or decorating routine. Use it to scrape every bit of your raw mix or fresh sauce out of the bowl when cooking or baking, or to spread the perfect amount of icing onto cakes or cupcakes when it’s celebration time. You’ll be shocked at how many small crevices this lengthy scraper can reach, leaving a clean bowl or surface every time.

  • Strong and Durable

With such a large variety of uses, many other kitchen spatulas may bend to the pressure (quite literally) of continual use, but the 310 Blender Scraper is built to last. Underneath the smooth and functional silicone surface is a core of stainless steel, giving each scraper unmatched structure and support to help you complete your tasks.

  • Heat Resistant & Safe

Next, since each silicone scraper is heat resistant up to 600°F, you can feel safe and comfortable using it on your stovetop (for mixing in pots or sauté pans to prevent sticking). In addition, since it’s made of silicone, it won’t scratch your non-stick cookware. And finally, since it’s free from BPA and other potential toxins, it’s also safe for you and touching your food.

  • Easy-to-Clean

The 310 Blender Scraper is also incredibly easy-to-clean. Since it’s silicone, foods do not stick to the scraper as easily, and slide right off when you rinse it under water. You can opt to handwash the scraper with soup and warm water, or it is also top rack dishwasher safe.


Where will you use your 310 Blender Scraper first? We highly recommend it alongside your list of must-try smoothie recipes, and for many other uses in the kitchen as well!

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