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With spring already here and summer right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start taking advantage of the nice weather to get in shape! Because the truth is, if you want to meet your weight loss goals, you’re going to have to work up a sweat…

The 310 Gym includes all the workout gear you need for an incredible workout that you can do anywhere you please.

If you’re already using 310 weight loss shakes and other products, you’re on the right track to success, but you should also ensure that you’re eating a clean diet and exercising. To help you achieve a well-balanced healthy lifestyle program, we recently introduced the 310 Gym.

Choose the fitness pieces you want or get a set that includes it all! 

But we don’t just leave you at that. After you get the equipment, we show you how to use it. And we give you fitness workouts each week that you can follow and do whenever it fits best in your schedule: 

Have you always wanted to workout outside, maybe in your backyard or at the beach? Have at it! The 310 Gym is designed to make working out easier and more pleasurable for you, so that you can conquer your goals on your time, where you want. 

What are some of the products included in the 310 Gym?

We know life is busy, so we had our team research and find the most versatile, portable, insanely easy products to get that envious summer bod you want.

From the steady and comfortable Yoga Mat, to the Yoga Ball, Jump Rope, Core Sliders, Resistance Bands and more, the 310 Gym proves that efficient does not need to be complicated, and working out can be fun as well as something you look forward to!

To work your way to success this spring, look no further than the 310 Gym and its professional trainers that are ready to guide you through workouts that fit into your time schedule, using the equipment that you need.

All you need to do is join the 310 Gym Community on Facebook, where you’ll find full-body workout videos, videos on how to correctly use the equipment, live exercise classes and more. And then, of course, don't forget to pick up your equipment! 

Don’t wait, your summer body and goals await! Join us now at the 310 Gym.

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