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As much as we talk about diet and exercise and try to give you the most current, relevant, and applicable information we can, there’s one thing we have to make clear: there is no magic recipe of diet and exercise that’s sure to work across the board.

Each body type is unique, and therefore each body will require a unique plan of diet and exercise to reach and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Eating a diet right for your body type will help you feel better, lose weight more effectively, and maintain a healthy weight more easily. Here is a basic overview of body types, along with a quick guide for you to eat right and exercise in a way that will work best for you:





Hourglass body types gain weight very evenly throughout the body, most noticeably in the face. People with this body type have a soft, round look.

  • Foods You Crave: Dairy, sugary carbs

  • Foods to Eat: Focus on fruits and veggies with complex, whole-grain carbs. Also be sure to get a daily serving of lean meat.

  • Foods to Avoid: High-fat meat, refined carbs

  • Recommended Exercise: Emphasize strength training and add fast-paced cardio.



You know this is your body type if you carry all your weight around the middle while staying fairly slender everywhere else.

  • Foods You Crave: Starches, sugary foods, soda, caffeine

  • Foods to Eat: Focus on getting good, lean protein and healthy fats. And pile on the green veggies!

  • Foods to Avoid: Too many carbs (think of adding them to one meal)

  • Macronutrient Ratios: 40% carbs, 35% fat, 25% protein

  • Recommended Exercise: Cardio three times a week will help increase your metabolism, ultimately helping you be slimmer.



A pear gains weight below the waist in the hips and thigh with a noticeably smaller upper body. Excess fat is often subcutaneous in this body type, which makes it hard to mobilize and get rid of. This is often due to estrogen dominance, making it important for you to avoid foods that mimic the hormone.

  • Foods You Crave: Rich desserts, dairy

  • Foods to Eat: Lots of high-fiber foods! Start with fruits and veggies, and add whole grains. Eat lean protein and clean, non-dairy fats.

  • Foods to Avoid: High-fat dairy and produce and meats that may contain pesticides or hormones. Stay away from caffeine and alcohol as well.

  • Macronutrient Ratios: 50% carbs, 25% fat, 25% protein

  • Recommended Exercise: A combination of cardio and strength training three times a week.


String Bean


This naturally slim body type has a fast metabolism and has a hard time putting on weight of any kind. If they do gain weight, it’s around the middle.

  • Foods You Crave: Sugar, caffeine

  • Foods to Eat: Healthy fats found in fish and oils, combined with lean protein and complex carbs.

  • Foods to Avoid: Don’t eat junk food just because you can stay skinny! Feed your body real nutrition.

  • Macronutrient Ratios: 50% carbs, 30% fat, 20% protein

  • Recommended Exercise: Strength training is your best bet for adding muscle.


Inverted Pyramid

Broader in the shoulders, you have good muscle mass in your upper body with smaller hips and waistline. Extra fat is usually found through the chest, back of the arms, and above the bra line.

  • Foods You Crave: Salt, fatty foods, alcohol

  • Foods to Eat: Seek out complex carbs and eat lots of fresh produce. Add a little bit of healthy fats.

  • Foods to Avoid: Heavy meats, protein bars, salty foods, caffeine

  • Recommended Exercise: Combination of cardio and strength.


Even with these different body types, your body might be in between two of these, or a combination of “types.” You’ll probably still have to do some experimenting to find your sweet spot in terms of what combination of diet and exercise works best for you.  Use this list as a place to start and have patience while you figure out how your body responds and what will work best!


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