The Real Reasons Why Your Diet Isn’t Working

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It’s a problem that commonly plagues dieters. You’re trying to do everything right, but you can’t lose weight no matter what you do or how hard you try. If you’ve stopped losing weight (or haven’t even started!), the reason behind why your diet isn’t working might be one of these mistakes:

1. You’re trying to lose weight with a crash diet. A “crash diet” is an extreme diet that promises rapid weight loss, but at the cost of unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits. While crash diets temporarily work, they tend to backfire in that you’ll rapidly regain your weight (and sometimes more) once you quit the diet, and it’ll be harder to lose the weight the next time you try.

2. You aren’t eating enough protein. Eating enough of this macronutrient is the best way you can help yourself lose weight. Adequate protein intake keeps your appetite under control while encouraging your body to burn stored fat. Struggle to get enough protein in your day? Try adding a protein shake to your morning routine – you’ll get breakfast (another weight loss key), plus a healthy serving of protein. We’ve designed our 310 Shake to be just what you need for weight loss.

3. You’re eating too many high-calorie foods. Even healthy foods have calories. In fact, some of the healthiest foods we eat are actually really high in calories (avocados, coconut oil, nuts, need I go on?). Don’t stop eating them, just beware of binging on them! Learn what a serving size looks like, and stick to that.


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4. You’ve fallen for weight loss myths. Popular belief is powerful, but not always accurate. Eating low-fat foods is rarely healthy, skipping meals could make you gain weight, and meat is still healthy. Do some diet myth-busting of your own to make sure you’re basing your dieting decisions on fact, not fiction.

5. You’re splurging too often. It’s highly debated whether occasional “treat” days are beneficial or not, but even if splurging every once in a while is OK, doing it all the time definitely isn’t a good idea. Cheating too often (even once a week) could be ruining your diet.

6. You aren’t exercising. The fact is, you can’t diet without exercise or exercise without eating right and hope to lose weight. It takes both a healthy diet and regular exercise routine to achieve those goals. Be sure to work strength training into your regimen; you build muscles that help burn calories better!

7. Your goals aren’t realistic enough. Most people lose 1-2 pounds per week. When you have 20 pounds to lose, this means it’ll optimistically take you 10-12 weeks to shed the weight. This is important to keep in mind so that you stay patient with yourself through the process and don’t expect dramatic results too soon.

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8. You’re stressed out. Sometimes a stressful season of life might make you lose weight, but if it’s prolonged, stress ultimately causes weight gain.

9. You’ve reached your body’s “set point.” This is the weight your body is happiest at, and it’s a number you may have a hard time changing. There are many factors playing into what determines your set point, and only by understanding them can you begin to make a change.

10. You swapped one type of junk food for another. Marketing is deceptive. Just because a label claims a food is “healthy” or “low-fat” doesn’t mean it measures up to diet-approved standards. Don’t fall for the marketing trap! Read nutrition labels to determine if you’re buying junk food in disguise. Do any of these ring a bell or sound familiar? Examine your lifestyle and see if any of these reasons are to blame for why your diet isn’t working.



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