Is There a Limit To What Exercise Will Do for Weight Loss?

Posted by Luisa de Luca on

Women Exercising If you are trying to lose weight and have set upon a dietary plan that includes exercise, do we have good news for you. We all know by now that eating fewer calories and exercising regularly are imperative for successful weight loss. Many of you really enjoy working out. Many of you hit the gym on a set schedule. However, not everyone likes to work out. For many of us, exercise is just a drudgery, one we like putting off as much as possible. In a recent study reported by Herman Pontzer, an associate professor of anthropology at the City University of New York in Current Biology, says, “Higher levels of exercise may not result in more calories being burned. It seems like the body is adapting to higher levels of activity and working, adapting to keep energy expenditure the same.” In the new study, reported in Livescience, a total of 332 people from the United States, Ghana, the Seychelles, and South Africa were participants. The ages of those included were 25 to 45 years old. Their levels of physical activity as well as number of calories burned over a week’s time were noted. When compared to those who were idle, the moderately active participants burned around 200 more calories a day. However, when compared to the people who were much more active, “The most physically active people expended the same amount of calories each day as people who were only moderately active," Pontzer said in a statement. To further prove their theory, the researchers also investigated the relationship between levels of activity and energy expenditure among the Hadza. These are a group of people in northern Tanzania who live their lives as hunter-gatherers. The Hadza spend their days engrossed in very hard, physical work and walking very long distances. In spite of all their physical activities, the Hadza used as much energy as the more sedentary lifestyles found in Europe and the United States. “The vast majority of calories that people burn every day are not spent on physical activity, but on the basic work that your cells do to keep you alive. This work involves moving nutrients and waste products in and out of cells and keeping electrolytes balanced,” Said Ponzer. Regardless if you are an avid workout fanatic or you drag your sorry bones to the gym to do your due diligence, some form of regular exercise is important for a healthy body. This isn’t an excuse to slack off on working out, rather a message that says you don't have to get ridiculous about it in order to get results.

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