Too Busy For Exercise: 5 Excuse Busters

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Let’s face it: we’re all busy, and finding the time or motivation to exercise can be challenging. It’s often easier to come up with an excuse to get out of it than a reason to get out and do it! If you often fall victim to excuses, we’re here to help! We’ve tackled five of the most common exercise excuses and problem-solved them for you with workable solutions you can adapt to your lifestyle.


Excuse: I don’t have any time

Solution: Get creative with your multitasking

Schedules can be demanding, and sometimes you legitimately have no wiggle room in your day. But chances are, you could wake up 30 minutes earlier to squeeze in a quick workout before heading out the door. Even if you really can’t fit in the extra 90 minutes it would take to drive to gym, work out, and get home, you probably can find a way to do something at some point during your day.


  • Wake up 30 minutes earlier and do 15 minutes of intervals
  • Use 30 minutes of your lunch to take a brisk walk
  • Bike or run to work instead of driving or taking public transit


Excuse: I’m tired

Solution: Find the right time

Exhaustion is a real thing, especially mental exhaustion. The best way to combat this is by finding the best time of day for you to work out. If exercise relieves tension and energizes you, then make it part of your reward at the end of a long workday. If by the end of the day you’re so drained you barely make it home, then try waking up that extra 30 minutes early to get your exercise in before your brain goes into overdrive. Commit to exercise at different times of the day over a week as an experiment, evaluate which time worked best, and go with it.


  • Do morning prep work (picking clothes, making lunches, etc.) the night before so you have time to workout first thing in the morning
  • Consider that your fatigue could be remedied by other easy fixes, like going to bed at an earlier hour or upping your intake of certain vitamins that might be affecting your quality of sleep.


Excuse: It takes too long

Solution: Quality over quantity

Sometimes, driving to the gym does end up involving more time than you have to give. The important rule here is that choosing something is better than choosing nothing. Don’t get stuck in an all-or-nothing mentality with your workouts. While you will certainly benefit from hitting the gym for an hour three or four times a week, you’ll also benefit from 20 minutes of HIIT (high intensity interval training) instead.


  • Find a HIIT workout plan (Sworkit is a great free app)
  • Get a plan together for working out at home
  • Set reasonable goals for yourself




Excuse: The kids won’t let me

Solution: Take them with you!

If you have kids, life does get much busier for you as a parent. But don’t let that limit you! In fact, set an example for them of prioritizing health and fitness. For little ones, take them with you in a stroller or do squats wearing your baby. Once kids are older and at sporting practices and events of their own, take advantage of the time by using the facilities at your disposal for your own workout.


  • Make working out a family activity by going for jogs, hikes, or bike rides together
  • At sports practice or while the kids are at the playground, do your own laps
  • Get the kids involved in doing HIIT or yoga with you at home




Excuse: I don’t want to miss my show

Solution: Destroy your inner couch potato

Unwinding at the end of the day often means kicking back in front of the TV for the latest episode of our favorite show. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s also time you could be using to get healthier instead of sitting sedentary. It might not be quite as relaxing, but you won’t turn into a couch potato!



  • Use commercial breaks as a time to do a quick circuit workout
  • Do a 30-minute workout session while watching a sitcom – you do it at the gym, why not at home?


Exercising is definitely one of those “have to” things we all know we should do, but have a hard time being motivated to do. Don’t let the excuses get the best of you! Make the decision today to find solutions to your excuses and get your workout done.


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