310 Shake 101: Making Meal Replacement Shakes Part of Daily Life

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310 Shake, the Amber Starr

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Incorporating meal replacement shakes into your daily routine is a great way to get the nutrition you need (see the benefits and nutritional value from meal replacement shakes ) while working toward your fitness and weight loss goals. Not only will making shakes a daily habit help you lose weight, but will help you keep it off once you reach your ideal weight. Since meal replacement shakes are our specialty, we’ve discovered a few things to help you create that routine for optimal results. Here are our top five tips for using shakes in your diet:

Decide how many meals you will replace with shakes.

Most of the time, choosing one meal to replace with a shake is a good place to start. You can do two meals, but should certainly never do three unless you’re under a doctor’s supervision1. The best meal to replace is the meal you struggle most to eat. For many people, that means breakfast. It’s a well-known fact that starting your day with a good meal is one of the best ways you can help your metabolism and lose weight.

310 Shake new recipe, the Mangolicious!

310 Shake New Recipe, "The Mangolicious" ! Coming Soon to 310 Shake recipe page.


Plan your other snacks and meals for healthy weight loss.

As you switch to a lower-calorie diet, you’ll probably find yourself feeling hungry more often. It’s important to anticipate this and plan accordingly to keep yourself from making bad choices. Take this weight loss journey as an opportunity to learn how to feed your body healthy, nutritious food. For snacks, choose fresh, protein-rich food when you can to keep yourself feeling full longer. Carrots, hummus, yogurt, and apples are simple, easy snack ideas.


310 Shake, Kale Me Crazy!

310 Shake New Recipe, "The Kale Me Crazy" ! Coming soon to our 310 Shake Recipe Page.

Whether you’re replacing one or two meals with a shake each day, make sure the meals you are eating are well balanced. Focus on filling your plate with lean meats, lots of colorful veggies (the more vibrantly colored, the more nutrient-rich), and complex carbohydrates that break down slowly (unprocessed, whole-grain foods are a good example).

Here’s a bonus tip: get creative in how you drink your shakes! Even if they taste delicious, it can get old doing the exact same thing day after day. For some creative new ideas, take a look at 310 Shake free recipes.

Supercharge your diet by adding exercise.

No matter what diet you try, it will always be more successful when you combine it with regular exercise. Firstly, exercising equals more calories burned at the end of the day. But secondly, as you build more muscle, you’re actually increasing your body’s ability to burn calories throughout the rest of your day. A good goal is exercising three to four times a week for at least 30 minutes. Another good exercise rule of thumb to follow is alternating your cardio and strength training exercise routines. If you’re looking for a place to start with your exercise routine,  Check out these free workout programs on our 310 Challenge.

Know how to cope with unexpected digestive issues.

When you change your eating habits, it isn’t uncommon for your digestive system to take some time… adjusting. This can look like anything from bloating and general abdominal discomfort to constipation or diarrhea. One of the primary reasons for your body’s reaction is the fiber most healthy meal replacement shakes contain. Most Americans only get 20% of the fiber they need, which means when you start to get the amount you should, your digestive tract just needs time to adjust. Another reason could be you aren’t getting enough water. Try drinking 8 ounces of water after your shake to see if that helps clear up your issues. A third and final cause of digestive issues while on a meal replacement shake diet could be an allergy to an ingredient used in the shake. This is one reason to research what ingredients are used, and go with a brand that uses natural not synthetic ingredients.

Stick with it!

You’ve probably heard it said that it takes 30 days to build a new habit. Regardless of the exact amount of time, the principle is true that you should stick with something for a while before giving up on it. Even if it’s hard and even if it takes you a while to find your rhythm, keep at it. Your perseverance will pay off and you will start to see results.

Meal replacement shakes are an awesome way to jumpstart weight loss, support your fitness and exercise goals, and help you maintain and healthy weight and lifestyle. These five tips are a great place to start on your journey of makes shakes part of daily life.


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