Another Reason to Steer Clear of Fast Food? You Decide…

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According to some reputable sources (shown below), there may be more wrong with this sandwich chain then just the not-so-healthy ingredients in the sandwiches.

Apparently, the company makes its employees sign a non-compete agreement preventing them from working at another sandwich store within a three mile radius of a Jimmy John’s.

But that’s not the bad part…

According to sources, the company’s owner has a guilty pleasure that may be distasteful to some.

The owner, Jimmy John Liautaud, uses his earnings to hunt endangered animals in Africa. Mr. Jimmy John has killed elephants, zebras, leopards, rhinos and other animals -- all for sport. And apparently the license used to kill cost $350,000. Making matters worse, between 2011 and 2014, poachers killed 100,000 elephants -- which are now at the brink of extinction. In fact, experts estimate that elephants may be extinct in Africa by 2020.

Would this fact make you stop eating from Jimmy John’s? Share your thoughts below on this story.



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