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A Step by Step Guide to Curbing Super Bowl Cravings & Claiming Victory!

By 310 Nutrition

It’s that time of year again…Super Bowl weekend is here and we know you’re raring to go! But with all the excitement, it’s easy to get carried away and flat out give up on your health goals (leaving you feeling downright defeated).

But if you’re determined to keep your health on track while still having an amazing day, listen up! You may think your cravings are stronger than you are but with the proper preparation, you can go into game day feeling strong, confident and ready to win!


Upon waking: Start your day right with a glass of fresh and satisfying juice to jump-start your system with nutrients and cleanse you of any impurities. Have no time to juice your own fruits and vegetables? No worries because this juicing short-cut is just what you need.  

Breakfast time: You need the energy, willpower, and stamina to get through your day, so you have to give yourself the right fuel. A proven meal replacement shake packed with nutrition is just what you need. We recommend one that is sugar, gluten, and dairy free for optimal health benefits and tastes downright AMAZING. Plus, who said it has to be boring? Try this indulgent recipe for only 330 calories and laugh in the face of others who will be eating way more than you today!

Mid-morning: Time to fight off the sugar and carb cravings! You need to hydrate but with something refreshing and healthy. Feel great about your choice by going with something like a lemonade that is sugar-free (sweetened with only healthy sugar alternatives), provides that ultimately satisfying taste of sweetness and helps suppress your appetite for hours!

Lunch: Time for another sumptuous shake recipe that will make you feel like you aren’t missing out on all the fun. Try this one for only 219 calories that can’t be missed:

Mid-afternoon: It’s very important not to skip this step because the game is about to start and you’re going to need another trick up your sleeve to make it to the last quarter! A delicious tea with natural herbs that helps cleanse your system and suppresses your appetite is just what you need…right in time to politely refuse any appetizers!

Dinner: You’ve been good all day, congratulations! So feel free to indulge (a little) during dinner. However, try to stick with healthier food items such as lean protein, healthy fats, vegetables, fruits and complex carbs as the main source of what is filling you up. Plus, after you eat, have another cup of tea or glass of lemonade so you are prepared when dessert comes around! Then sit back and enjoy the game; you deserve it!

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