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“Help! I’m Eating Every Cookie and Piece of Candy I See!”

By 310 Nutrition

It can be hard to stay strong when cravings hit, especially when it’s for something sweet.

That's because sugar is extremely addictive. Cravings for this sinful ingredient have been compared to cravings for highly addictive drugs like heroin and cocaine. The bottom line: indulging in sugar is habit forming and hard to break. 

But after you give in - especially if you’ve indulged yourself - you may be left with a sugar hang-over.

Bad symptoms that spring from having too much sugar can make you feel downright awful and defeated when it comes to your weight loss goals. You may feel like your sugar addiction is stronger than you. And then there's the physical symptoms, like being tired, depressed or having a headache. 

What if there was something else you could enjoy that helped you regain your sense of control?

Some products can help you squelch sugar cravings while making you feel great about your healthier choice. 

For instance, a good weight loss tea will contain natural ingredients (no sugar), taste great, and won't pack on the pounds. Instead, it actually helps you lose weight.

A detox tea can also help cleanse your body, so you feel like a new person. 

When you eat unhealthy foods, toxins build up in your system. But a proven weight loss/detox tea can help cleanse you internally, so you feel better. They also help suppress your appetite, so you don’t feel compelled to reach for that cookie or candy out of your ferocious hunger. 

Our next suggestion is equally as tempting...

A sugar-free lemonade that can be enjoyed day after day without guilt.

A refreshing weight loss lemonade helps to suppress your appetite while fulfilling your need for something tangy and sweet at the same time, even though it has no sugar. Drink it by itself, or infuse some fresh fruit for a stronger, fruitier taste. 

Both of these products also help boost your energy naturally, so you have the stamina to workout and be more physically active. 

So stop giving into your sugar addiction when it strikes, and indulge in a healthier option.

You’ll feel better and save the calories for the foods you really want, not just the ones you’re eating simply because you can't resist.

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