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Shake Up Your Boring Everyday Meals with This Proven Routine

By 310 Nutrition

Did you know that you could greatly enhance your health by simply adding one or two absolutely delicious shakes/smoothies to your daily routine? Next question…

Have you tried or heard about the all-new, enhanced 310 Shake? If the answer is no then I need to tell you what you’re missing because 310 Shake is not solely a meal replacement shake people drink because they’re trying to lose weight. While it is definitely that, it is also oh so much more

310 Shake is a lifestyle, and anyone who doesn’t get on board is missing out on all the immense benefits (and there are plenty of 310 Shake reviews to confirm this fact).

Most of us would be lying if we said we didn’t yearn for a healthier lifestyle. Many of us try to be healthy, but more often than not we come up short. 310 Shake offers a way to still enjoy all of life’s pleasures while adopting a healthier way of living, all wrapped up into one delicious, extremely enjoyable daily shake.

I should also mention this shake happens to be sugar, dairy, soy, AND gluten free and STILL tastes amazing, so you should keep reading to find out more…

For those looking to lose weight, this shake is indeed a life changer. For everyone else, it’s a sincerely appetizing, healthier, more convenient, and achievable way to feel good about your diet and your food choices.

Here’s why…

You may be thinking that because this is a weight loss meal replacement shake that means it’s going to taste awful. I’m going to have to correct you there, because this is like no other weight loss shake.

This means that the shake tastes awesome, like, really really good. The company was able to enhance the shake formula to make each shake richer, creamier, and even more intensely flavorful and delicious. Seriously…you just need to try it and trust me.

Not to mention that it mixes perfectly with pretty much everything. This is the one shake you can ACTUALLY drink with just water and it will still taste like dessert. Or you can quickly blend it up with other healthy ingredients and be amazed how it transforms the flavor of even the most distasteful vegetables.

In case you are wondering what the new shake flavors are, they currently include: Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla Chai – a good selection to make a number of healthy and delicious recipes. And many 310 Shake reviews confirm just how truly amazing each flavor is, and how obsessed people are with them.

Here is one sumptuous recipe idea...

And you can find many more recipes here...

So now that you’ve got the picture that the new shakes taste like dessert in a glass, let’s remember why else we would want to drink them. Because they can help you lose weight and get in shape, but also because they are just simply REALLY good for you.

Starting with the part of how they help you lose weight, let’s talk about why…

If you fall under the belief that a shake of any kind is not going to fill you up for a meal, when it comes to the new 310 Shake you would be wrong again. A special blend of ingredients made with advanced technologies have allowed the company to create a product that actually DOES fill you up, and for quite some time.

It also helps reduce hunger pains and cravings for unhealthy foods. Most of us eat unhealthy a lot of the time because it is the only option for food around and we are hungry, but what if we weren’t hungry? What if we had more control over everything we put into our mouths? That’s the beauty of 310 Shake.

Let’s look at the ingredients used to make this all possible…

Pea Protein: This is the protein responsible for keeping you really, really full. Many people claim it also helps reduce their cravings for sugary foods. If you’re a gym-goer take note, because this protein also helps your body stay in a muscle-building state throughout the day.

Brown Rice Protein: This is another hero in the weight loss protein world. Studies have linked rice protein to fat loss and lowered cholesterol, and recent research shows brown rice may help reduce weight gain more than soy or white rice protein.

Hemp Protein: This protein not only can help you lose weight, it also contains lots of “good for you” ingredients. It can help to raise your metabolism to burn more weight, and it also has lots of fiber and healthy omega-3 fats.

So this is the super trio (310 calls it Tri-Plex™) above that does all the magic in your body, but they aren’t the only ingredients that help to bring forth results.

Unlike many other meal replacement shake products, 310 went the extra mile to create a shake that you WANT to drink every day. Because life is pretty busy, so these additions really help:

Vitamins and minerals: It can be hard to get all of them that we need, so 310 went ahead and put them in each shake – 20 essential vitamins and minerals to be exact, beneficial for every single part and function of your body.

Probiotics: If you don’t have a totally clear idea what these are, trust me, you need them. They are exactly what your gut needs to help you digest properly and support your immune system for great overall health.

Greens blend: Because we definitely don’t get enough greens in our diet, especially the ones that are really jam-packed with nutrients like organic kale, spinach, broccoli, etc.

Still don’t believe me? Well here is a little bit about each shake flavor. Visit each link to see 310 Shake reviews from people who simply can’t live without their 310 Shakes, as well as recipes using each flavor and more…

310 Shake Chocolate: Rich, creamy, intense chocolatey flavor. Mixes well with berries, mango, lots of different vegetables, yogurt, milks including almond and coconut, peanut butter, banana and more.

310 Shake Vanilla: Not your average vanilla. In fact, this vanilla tastes just like a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Mixes well with just about anything under the sun. Blend and enjoy.

310 Shake Strawberry: For those who love a fruity taste to their shakes, this strawberry is indulgent, and mixes well with many different fruits and vegetables. Try this half and half (half 310 Strawberry, half 310 Chocolate) for a sinful indulgence.

310 Shake Vanilla Chai: A private reserve flavor (meaning grab it now while it lasts)! This shake takes delightful cold or even served warm. Think creamy vanilla with a hint of spice, great mixed with bananas and other fruits.

Which 310 Shake flavor are you going to try? Can’t decide…try them all! At only $68 for a 28-serving bag, that is only $2.43 a shake. When is the last time you spent $2.43 on a meal?! Even if you add a few more ingredients, it still doesn’t bring up the cost much. It’s worth a try.

Bring some added health benefits and ultimate convenience to your life with a tasty shake you’ll look forward to drinking. You’ll be sincerely grateful you did.

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