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Warm Weather Ready Abs – How to Get Them and What You Need

By 310 Nutrition

Great abs are something that many people strive to attain, but only a few actually achieve.

Why? Because let’s face it, ab exercises like crunches and leg lifts are hard work, and it takes time and dedication (as well as clean eating) to see a result.

Plus, you can only do so many crunches before your workouts start to become monotonous. So what else can you use to switch up your routine and help you get killer, rock hard abs? These core sliders!

Extremely versatile, you can do a number of different exercises with these bad boys and work out your abs as well as your entire body in one shot.

So, how do you use this awesome ab-working tool?

One of the 310 Gym Personal Trainers (who also trains celebrities), Flo, removes the mystery from this fantastic piece of workout equipment and shows you how to use them…

Want to know what other exercises you can do with the 310 Core Sliders? Don’t worry, you won’t get bored! Here are some exercises and how to do them so you can add them to your workout routine…

1. Knee Tuck – Start with 3 sets of 5, then increase to 3 sets of 8, then 3 sets of 10 when you’re a pro!

Start in a high plank position on the floor and place one foot on each core slider. Then, slide your feet in, aiming to touch your chest with your knees. Repeat the process, keep your arms and core strong.

2. Pike – Start with 2 sets of 10, then increase to 3 sets of 10

Again, start in a high plank position with feet on your sliders. Slide your feet in, raising your hips towards the ceiling. Keep a controlled movement and a strong core as you slide your feet back to the starting position and then repeat.

3. Side Knee Tuck – Start with 2 sets of 5, then work your way up to 2 sets of 10

Put your hands on the ground and both feet on your sliders, then slide your feet to the right side of your body, then back to the starting position, then to the left side of your body. After you do both the right and left side, count that as 1 rep.

4. Gliding Sit Up Curl – Start with 2 sets of 5, then work your way up to 3 sets of 5

Lay down on the ground with your feet straight in front of you and your arms out to each side. Put your core sliders under each hand. Keeping your hands on the sliders, slowly sit up while pulling your hands into your sides. This also works your back muscles. Slide back down to the starting position and repeat.

And these exercises are just to help start you off with the core sliders. There are many, many more that you can do for not only your abs but also your butt, legs, arms, lower body, back, and more.

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Finally, don’t just stop with the Core Sliders...

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