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Angela Yuriko Smith Lost 50 Pounds*

I used to be very active, but a few years ago I started a desk job. Within 3-4 months I gained 20 pounds and went up 3 sizes. I was pretty horrified and I felt terrible about my physical state. My husband is 20 years younger than I am and the extra weight aged me—suddenly people started asking if I was his mother!

I've been trying everything to get that weight off since. Crash diets, specialized monitored diets like Nutrisystems, and of course, working out. At one point, right before I discovered 310 Nutrition, I was going to Zumba after work, power walking for three hours afterwards and maintaining a strict, low calorie diet. I didn't have time for anything else. I lost nothing. After that I gave up every reaching my pre-office weight.

I found 310 Nutrition when I was looking for a meal replacement shake I could have when I didn't have time for breakfast. I had it once a day in the morning and was limiting my sugar and sweeteners. Suddenly, the weight started peeling off—I lost five pounds the first week!

No exercise or crazy diet—simply having my 310 Shake for breakfast (and lunch when I saw how well it worked) did the trick. I'm now down to my pre-office weight again and feeling fantastic.

When I drink my 310 Shake I feel energetic and I don't get hungry until the next meal time. It's delicious in both chocolate and vanilla and I imagine strawberry is just as good. When my husband, a fitness obsessed 2nd degree black belt, saw how well I was doing on 310, he started drinking it as well. This is the best thing we have ever tried.

Now that I've lost the extra weight, I’m continuing to lose, and I’ve added a work out back into my schedule. With 310 Nutrition, I suddenly don't see why I can't have a better body at 50 than I did in my 30s. Losing weight, maintaining, or just wanting a healthy, quality meal on the run, I can't recommend 310 Nutrition enough. 

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