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Holly Manahan Lost 54 Pounds*

I’ve struggled with my weight for a very long time. In high school, even though I played softball and cheered, I still considered myself heavy for my 5’2 height, weighing 170 lbs in my junior year.

To lose the weight, I took the medication, Phentermine, getting down to 110 lbs. But I wasn’t healthy. I didn’t eat much, and I lived on Diet Pepsi and sugar-free Red Bull. When I decided to stop the medication, I regained the weight and more, going up to 200 lbs.

I knew I needed to adopt a healthier lifestyle, but I didn’t know how. I tried changing my diet and exercising but I just couldn’t drop the weight on my own, so I started using meal replacement shakes. The first shakes I tried were Shakeology and Visalus and I wasn’t seeing results with either. The main reason was because I didn’t feel like I had the support I needed to succeed. Plus, Shakeology shakes were expensive, and since Visalus is a MLM company, I didn’t like the way my rep was pressuring me to buy.

Finally, I saw some of my favorite Real Housewives reality stars raving about 310 on Facebook and Instagram and I decided to try the shakes. As soon as my starter pack arrived, I immediately made a shake and I was hooked! I loved the flavor, and I also joined the 310 Nutrition Community on Facebook right away, which I have to say has been one of my top tools for success! By using 310 Shakes and interacting in the community, I became healthier, losing 54 lbs in less than a year!

For me, the shakes are a fantastic way to stay on track. I replace two meals a day with 310 Shakes (breakfast and lunch), adding other healthy items like frozen unsweetened fruit and coconut milk. I also add veggies like spinach and I love how my 310 Shakes hide the taste of the veggies, which didn’t happen with the other shake brands I used.

I also love and depend on other 310 products, including 310 Cleanse. I started my 310 journey with this product and I think it helped to jump-start my weight loss. I also use 310 Lemonade (all flavors), 310 Juice, 310 Tea, 310 Thin, and 310 Metaboost!

310 products are also great because I don’t have a lot of time to cook healthy foods. When I was pregnant, I brought 310 Shake to my doctor and she was very happy with it! She said I could continue to do my 310 meal replacement program while pregnant and nursing.

For anyone struggling with their weight, I would say to hurry up and try 310 Shake and get plugged into the 310 Nutrition Facebook Community ASAP! 310 products worked for me to lose the weight I needed and not regain it. Even weeks where I would fall off track, I would just pick back up where I left off with my 310 Shake program. I am sincerely happy with my results and can’t wait to keep losing more weight, becoming even healthier, and continuing with 310 Nutrition!


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The 310 Nutrition Community was an important, motivational aspect of Holly’s journey. Join the community and gain invaluable support as you push towards your goals.


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