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Jim Wieland Lost 25 Pounds*

When my wife started using 310 Shakes last summer in order to trim down and become healthier, I didn’t pay much attention to her change in lifestyle. I saw her achieving results and I was proud of her, but I never considered at first that I should be making similar changes in my own life.

At 50 years old, I’ve always been a terrible eater, regularly consuming fast food and never having the energy or will to exercise. I had thoroughly convinced myself that I was still “healthy” if I stayed around the 200 pound mark, but at some point I had to face the fact that this was a lie. My wife kept insisting that I utilize the same 310 routine that she was having so much success with, and eventually something within me clicked, and I decided to give it a try.

My wife and I joined a gym, and I jumped right into the 310 Shakes program. Similar to my wife, I started replacing two meals with shakes per day (breakfast and lunch). Along with the shakes, I also have a banana with breakfast, a protein bar with lunch, a meat and cheese snack in the afternoon and a sensible dinner. I learned about clean eating through the 310 Nutrition Community on Facebook and it wasn’t long before my life started to change completely for the better!

I started my 310 journey weighing in at 202 pounds and only 13 weeks later I reached my goal of 177 pounds, losing 25 pounds! The most incredible aspect was the newfound energy that I experienced almost right away. I started going to the gym 3-5 days a week, something that is now a regular part of my life along with the shakes. Since I reached my goal so quickly, I am now maintaining my weight by continuing to use the shakes, something I know will be a long-term solution moving forward. 

As for the way I enjoy my shakes, I keep them simple. My favorite shake flavors are the Vanilla and the Vanilla Chai and I use 1 scoop per shake with 10 ounces of water, 10 ounces of unsweetened vanilla almond milk and dry peanut butter. I think the shakes taste great and I very much look forward to drinking them, making them both an effective and convenient replacement for breakfast and lunch. I also take the 310 Thin every day which helps to control my appetite even more.

As mentioned, by being a regular in the 310 Nutrition Community on Facebook and viewing posts by 310 Nutrition cofounder, Tim Sharif, I learned all about clean eating, which I know has played a huge part in my success. I never ate big portions of food in the past, but I didn’t eat the right foods. And now my daily food choices look much different! I’ve cut out sweets and most breads. I also don’t cheat a lot because I realized that I actually enjoy foods now that I normally would have shunned, like having my hamburger with just lettuce! I swear that foods just taste better without the extra junk and carbs. 

By making these changes in the kitchen and faithfully using 310 Shakes, I’ve also witnessed incredible progress at the gym. I’m starting to sculpt my body in the ways I’ve always wanted to, getting rid of the skinny arms, skinny legs and protruding belly that have always bothered me.

In my first health evaluation at the gym, there were some blatant problems that stood out. One of them was my visceral fat level, or the fat that’s around my heart. Early on, my level had been a 10, which was approaching an area of concern, and now it’s an 8, which is where it needs to be. My overall body fat also went from a 25.3 to a 21.9 in only about 8 weeks. Now I actually look forward to taking these tests to continue to see how much I am improving and how my health continues to get better and better.

So after all I’ve been through, I am now so thrilled to share my success story! I know there are other people out there just like me, and I hope I can inspire them to make positive changes in their own lives. I never would have guessed that at 50 years old, I would look and feel this good – while still being excited about food and not feeling deprived in any way! As my favorite college football coach recently announced to his team after a win, when you fall in love with the process, someday the process is going to love you back – and that’s exactly what happened for me!

To have lost the amount of weight that I have in such a short time and feel as good as I do now is amazing, and such a great testament to how well 310 Shakes combined with a healthy lifestyle actually work. So don’t wait, people! If somewhere deep down you also know you need to make constructive changes in your life, the time is now. Just jump in and try the products today and get plugged into the Facebook Community…I promise you won’t regret it!

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