5 Tips to Keep You Trim During the Holidays

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We're in the midst of the holiday season. All that running around, turkeys to roast, gifts to buy, wrapping presents, making baked goods, eating and eating. We pretty much accept that we’re going to gain ten pounds over the holiday seasons. But it really doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re committed to losing weight and you keep your determination, your can enjoy the season while maintaining your weight.

Tip #1 - Shop Well

When Thanksgiving draws near and we grocery shop for all our needed ingredients, make sure you are also buying the healthy stuff. Use low calorie substitutes. Opt to cook more vegetable dishes over high carb choices. As much as you can, fill your grocery cart with the same weight loss food you’ve been buying prior to the holiday season. Try to resist the seasonal sweets.

When you make it home, put all the healthy, low calories snacks and other food in the front of your fridge and cabinets. Make the easily accessible foods the ones meant for weight loss.

Tip #2 - Don't Forget to Exercise

As the holidays grow closer and closer, your days will get more and more hectic. No doubt you’ll have some kind of schedule going to get through the craziness. Make sure you include your regular exercise. Make time for your workouts at least three times a week, more if possible. The more you plan for, the likelier you are to succeed. Remember, YOU are just as important (actually MORE important) as anything else going on around you.

Tip #3 - Prioritize

Don’t feel guilty about saying “no.” Chances are high that you will be invited to a lot of events and parties - work, friends, family, you name it. Decide what your priorities are and attend the ones that are most important to you. Unless you are superhuman and can join a party without eating all those yummy seasonal treats and drinking festive cocktails, don’t attend everything you’re invited to.

Tip #4 - Bake Smart

If you like cooking and baking for the holidays, you're probably working full time in the kitchen around this time of the year. Most people include baked goods on their gift lists. Isn’t it nearly impossible not to eat your own creations? How are you going to know if they turned out well if you don’t test them? A little taste test can turn into a few cookies. Do that a couple of times a week and you won't be able to avoid adding a few pounds to your weight. One way to avoid this predicament is to opt out of baking this year. Why not make homemade gifts in another way? Another option is gathering the ingredients in a decorated Kerr or Mason jar with an instruction tag. Give the premade recipe as a gift that the recipient can bake themselves.

Another option? Bake to your heart's desire and let someone else do the taste testing instead!

Tip #5 - Hydrate

This is not a time to slack off on your hydrating. You should be drinking 64 ounces of water daily - more if you're very active. Keep that up. Not only is hydration important to keep your organs in tip top health, but it fills your stomach and can help you eat less food. You might consider, if you haven’t already, buying a 64 ounce jug and know that you have to drink it all by the end of the day. At any rate, make sure you have your water with you at all times.

What’s your tip?

There you have it. A list of 5 tips to help guide you through this holiday season. We hope these ideas will inspire you to stick with your weight loss commitment.  We also want your holiday celebrations to be fulfilling and fun. Do you have any suggestions or tips you can add to the list to help others get through the holiday season? Let us hear it!

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