Fat Burning Foods for Faster Weight Loss

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Losing weight is a fine balance of eating right and exercising; it’s seeing numbers drop on the scale, and inches drop off your waist. Finding a balance that helps you burn fat efficiently is a gold mine in the health world. As you exercise and eat right, you’re probably willing to try any health hack you can to reach your health goals faster. We’ve compiled a list of nine foods that will help you burn fat faster. That’s right – these foods work in different ways to reduce fat so you slim down.

1. Nuts

This might seem counter-intuitive, since nuts are high in fat. But the truth is nuts pack a whole lot of nutrition in a really small package. The fats they contain are the healthy kind (walnuts have more Omega-3’s than salmon!), and are also high in protein and fiber. Because of this, they are high satiating – meaning you feel full faster and eat fewer calories overall. One study found people who supplemented their low-calorie diet with almonds lost 62% more weight than those who didn’t. As an added bonus, nuts are high in magnesium1, which helps regulate the sleep hormone melatonin. More magnesium = better melatonin regulation = better sleep for you!

2. Fish

We could go on for days about the health benefits of eating fish, but the main selling point here is fish’s high protein content. The thermogenic effect of protein2 means it takes more calories to burn protein than carbs or fat. This boosts your metabolism, causing your body to more efficiently burn calories. According to research3, women whose diet was 30% protein ate 441 fewer calories each day.


3. Green Tea


High in antioxidants, green tea contains EGCG, an antioxidant that helps release fatty acids from your fat stores. Many studies have been done on the slimming effects of green tea: one suggests3 green tea can boost metabolism by 4% and increase fat burning by 17%; another indicated4 people who drink tea burn 266 calories per day more than people who don’t drink tea. A third study2 showed drinking four cups of green tea a day helped people lose more than six pounds in eight weeks.

4. Hot Peppers

Peppers such as chili peppers contain a compound called capsaicin, which is what gives them their spice. This substance helps boost your metabolism and reduce your appetite3. Adding cayenne and hot sauce is a good way to add more to your diet, as is eating more spicy food in general.

5. Eggs

They’ve gotten a bad reputation for their high cholesterol, but eggs (in moderation) are your best friend for losing weight. High in protein and relatively low in calories, eggs are an excellent way to start the day right. Multiple studies have shown the benefits of eating eggs for breakfast, including one that proved a breakfast of eggs caused 65% more weight loss3 than a breakfast of bagels with the same amount of calories. This may be because eggs are high in vitamin B124, which is essential for your body to metabolize fat.

6. Coconut oil

Although it’s a fat, coconut oil is mainly comprised of medium-chain triglycerides. These fatty acids help you feel full and burn calories faster – one study showed3 participants ate 256 fewer calories and burned 120 more calories per day. While weight loss wasn’t necessarily a primary result of eating more coconut oil, reduced waist circumference was. Just 2 tablespoons a day showed a significant reduction of belly fat!

7. Cinnamon


You might be surprised to see this humble spice on the list, but cinnamon is a powerful weight loss tool! By moving glucose into cells faster5, it prevents insulin (the fat storage hormone) from kicking in. It can also stabilize your blood sugar and even help suppress your appetite.

8. Coffee

Another reason to love our morning cup! Although it’s actually filled with antioxidants, it’s the caffeine in coffee that really helps burn fat. It boosts metabolism up to 11% and increases fat burning up to 29% after drinking. Having a cup 20 minutes before a workout5 can help you train more intensely. However, it’s important to note the best way to drink coffee is black, and that people quickly build up a tolerance to these fat-burning effects. 

9. Protein Powder

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Because of how protein affects digestion (requiring more calories to digest and keeping you full longer), it’s a good idea to add protein in your diet anywhere you can. Protein powder is designed to help burn fat and build muscle – two important components in losing weight. Our 310 Nutrition Protein Shakes are perfect – high in protein, but without all the synthetic fillers.

Strategically incorporating more of these fat-burning foods into your normal diet is one of the best ways you can boost your weight loss. Pick a few to try, and keep at it for a few weeks – you’ll be sure to see results!


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