Is Your Job Making You Fat?

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Is Your Job Making You Fat? Does your job description state that weight gain is part of your position? A new CareerBuilder study has found 55% of workers consider themselves to be overweight, and 41% have gained weight at their present jobs. And it is not just the increase of a pound of two. Of those who say they’ve gained weight, • 59% gained over 10 pounds • 30% gained over 20 pounds. Among those most likely to report weight gain: • Administrative Assistant (69%) • Engineer (56%) • Teacher/Instructor K-12 (51%) • Nurse Practitioner or Physician’s Assistant (51%) • IT Manager/Network Administrator (51%) • Attorney/Judge/ Legal Professional (48%) • Machine Operator/Assembly/Production Worker (45%) The research found that weight gain at work often comes from a combination of 1. Poor eating habits and 2. Not being able to fit a workout into a busy schedule Causes Employees cited the following causes for expanding waistlines: • Sitting at my desk most of the day – 56% • Eating because of stress - 35% • Eating out regularly - 26 % • The temptation of the office candy jar - 17 % • Having to skip meals because of time constraints - 17 % • Workplace celebrations (potlucks, birthdays) - 17 % • Pressure to eat food co-workers bring in - 9 % The 3,600 participants also stated that poor lunch choices contributed excess calories: • 54% of workers go out to eat instead of packing a lunch at least once a week • 24% eat out three or more times a week • 8% say they eat lunch out of the vending machine at least once a week Better Choices The majority of reasons for the weight gain on the job are fixable and preventable. Putting on pounds in the office is not inevitable. Here are a few easy-to-follow tips. • Move! – There is no escape…exercise must become part of your daily regime. The key is to increase activity throughout the day. A pedometer or fitness gadget that tracks your steps and encourages you to move can keep you motivated and track your progress. • Stay Hydrated – Drinking water not only makes you feel full, it can also help cut down on calories from sugary, non-diet drinks. • Meal Replacement and Weight Loss Shakes - One of the simplest methods to start and maintain a healthy weight loss program is with Meal Replacement Shakes (MRS). These convenient and nutritious powders provide effortless control over your daily calorie intake and help you avoid fast food trips or skipping lunch all together. 310Shake - Meal Replacement Shake - Weight Loss Supplement Not all Meal Replacement Shakes are created equal! • Choose a meal replacement shake that is as natural as possible. • Read the label and assure it contains no sucralose, aspartame or fructose of any kind. • Select products that are completely free of artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors your weight loss efforts. 310 Nutrition is a top emergent brand when it comes to meal replacement shakes and weight loss supplements. As a Southern California-born company, situated close to the beach, 310 understands how important it is to feel good in your body. 310 Nutrition believes you do not have to starve yourself to get the body you always wanted. It is about WHAT you feed your body. 310 Nutrition weight loss shakes provide your body with essential nutrients, minerals and protein needed to lose or maintain weight in a HEALTHY way! Learn more about our extraordinary meal replacement shakes and don’t let your job sabotage your weight loss goals!

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