Slim Down and Look Great - Drink a Summer Shake!

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Slim Down and Look Great - Drink a Summer Shake!

It may be the end of July but we’ve still got a few solid months of summer left. If you’re lucky enough to live in a warmer climate like sunny SoCal or Florida, you have great weather all year round and as such, have to keep a constant eye on that slim figure.

Salads are an obvious choice to achieve that look, but they can be pretty inconvenient. Not only do they require numerous ingredients, but they can be time consuming to prepare, and often end up leaving your stomach growling an hour later. Meal replacement shakes and smoothies, on the other hand, are not only convenient to make and filling to drink, but are also perfectly refreshing for the warm weather. Here are a few more reasons why to include meal replacements in your summer diet.



 Watch our instructional recipe video so you too can enjoy our fan-favorite shake, The Strawberry Banana.



Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Many of us have a sweet tooth and one of the most difficult parts of dieting is restricting sweets and desserts. Even those with the most respectable willpower give in now and then. But honestly, who wants to cut sweets out of their diet completely? Meal replacement shakes are a fantastic alternative because they satisfy those sweet cravings without the overwhelming amount of calories.

Load Up on Necessary Nutrients

Getting your daily serving of all your fruits and vegetables is a tall order even when you’re not watching what you eat. It can feel like a real chore. 310 Shake is filled with vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber, creating a balanced diet for you. You could say that drinking a shake gives you one less thing on your full plate. Pun intended.

Made with All Natural Ingredients

Some shakes out there contain fillers and additives that make the drink taste great – and make your body feel awful. The best way to lose weight is to cleanse your body of toxins that weigh you down. A high quality meal replacement shake is ideal for achieving exactly that. The main ingredients of 310 Shake are intended to fill you up and are also naturally obtained in order to give you optimal results.

Abundant Options for a Single Flavor

With chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and mocha to choose from, it’s obvious that your sweet tooth will have no trouble being satisfied. What’s more is that there are endless possibilities for mixing each of these flavors. Try a Mocha Buzz in the morning for an extra kick of energy, or some Blueberry Pie if you’re craving dessert.



Watch step-by-step instructions to make The Blueberry Pie!


Keep You Feeling Full

With a unique, scientifically supported blend of proteins and fibers, 310 Shake works to keep you feeling fuller, longer. Fiber fills your stomach up and the special blend of proteins suppress the appetite inducing hormone ghrelin that tells your brain it’s time to eat. When you aren’t craving unnecessary calories, your body is able to burn fat for fuel.

Meal replacement shakes are a quality tool to help you lose weight. As an added bonus they’re refreshing, taste good, and fuel your body. With summer in full swing, why not give a shake a whirl?


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