310 Lifestyle Blend

310 Lifestyle Blend

Lifestyle System

Customize this bundle with your of choice of 310 Tea and 310 Lemonade.

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310 Tea and 310 Lemonade Mix 

Introducing the 310 Lifestyle Blend! We have created a healthy twist on a popular drink. Usually made with loads of sugar our 310 version has no added sugar and loaded with nutrients! Just combine our 310 Detox Tea with our Flavored 310 Lemonade for a deliciously healthy drink that can aid in your bodies natural detox.



In your Kit, you will also receive the 310 Water Infuser! Add in your favorite fruits to infuse flavor into each and every sip!

Reap the benefits of maximum hydration with the 310 Water Infuser - simply fill it with 310 Tea & 310 Lemonade, add your favorite fruit, and enjoy! Easily consume 8-10 cups of water while satisfying your sweet tooth without artificial additives and unwanted calories! The 310 Water Infuser is easy to use, BPA-free, convenient for travel, and dishwasher safe! Use the 750ml 310 Water Infuser with our delicious cold infusion recipes, or remove the infuser and use as a stand alone water bottle.


2. How to Make an Arnold Palmer with Our 310 Tea and 310 Lemonade

What you'll need

Brew 310 Tea

Allow to cool

Pour cooled tea

Add 310 Lemonade

Do you drink enough water or healthy beverages throughout the day? Are you addicted to sugary drinks? This kit can help with both these problems AND assist in your weight loss efforts.

If you have stubborn fat deposits that won’t come off no matter what you do, this tea is for you. The detoxifying action helps clear you internally so you may lose the weight that has always seemed to stick to you. As a bonus, it has natural appetite suppressants that help you eat less.

310 Lemonade is a delicious, refreshing beverage that you will love drinking. The ingredients in this drink also help to boost your energy without caffeine, helping you burn more calories.

Drink 310 Lemonade throughout the day to enhance your weight loss efforts and feel satisfied. For 310 Lemonade, choose from Original, Raspberry, Strawberry and Blackberry and do not exceed 3 packets per day.

Once your Detox Tea & Lemonade has been added together, just Shake, Drink, and Enjoy! 

310 Water Infuser ($14 value)





3.Get professional health guidance and support to succeed.

With this 310 Kit you also receive a 30 minute session with a Certified Health Coach, retail value $29.99. Ask all your burning health questions, and get set up to succeed with a personalized plan that’s right for you.


Act now and take the first step towards your goals! Put your health at the forefront of your to-do list and get this kit to help you make your weight loss resolutions come true!

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Nutrition Facts

310 Lemonade Original Nutrition Facts

310 Lemonade Blackberry Nutrition Facts


310 Lemonade Strawberry Nutrition Facts

SUGGESTED USE: Mix 1 stick packet with 16 fl oz of water. Use at least 2 packets daily for best results. Do not exceed 5 packets per day.