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*If you’re relatively new to keto, note that we recommend 25g NET carbs to help you reach ketosis. However, if you’re an experienced follower of keto OR want to start with more carbs and work your way down, feel free to adjust the amounts as desired.

What is a NET carb? A net carb is the amount of carbs in a food item that are actually absorbed and digested by your body, therefore count towards your overall carb limit. In this case, fiber does not count towards your total net carbs.

Total Carbs in a food – Fiber = Net Carbs.

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0 Calories

By entering your gender, age, weight and height, we determine your basal metabolic rate (BMR) - which is the amount of calories you burn at rest, or the amount of calories you need to maintain weight. This number is then adjusted based on your goal to either lose weight, gain weight or maintain weight.

Important: We don't recommend a calorie restrictive diet with your body composition and activity level.

0 Protein (g)

To align with your current activity level as well as your goal to either maintain lean muscle or gain lean muscle, we’ve adjusted your grams of protein per day. Ultimately, protein should be about 20-25% of total calories, depending on the factors listed.

0 Fat (g)

In addition to lowering carbohydrate intake to a specific amount, increasing fat intake is vital to enter ketosis. Based on your goals, this is your individualized recommended fat intake per day. As a general recommendation, we suggest fat intake should be about 60-75% of total calories.

0 Carbs (g)

Based on your chosen intake of NET carbs and your recommended fiber intake, your daily intake of carbohydrates should be around this number, based on the calculation that Carbs - Fiber = Net Carbs.

Important: To hit you net carb goal of 20g, make sure to intake at least 25g of Fiber.

Got your results?! Fantastic! Read on to learn more about how the 310 Keto Calculator works, what do with your results, and recommended next steps, (or dive right in with your 310 Keto Kit, now)!

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How the 310 Keto Calculator Can Help You

  1. Get targeted daily calories & macros
  2. Plan your weight loss/maintenance initiatives
  3. Map out your keto goals
  4. Get (and stay) in ketosis
  5. Prepare perfectly optimized/balanced keto meals
  6. Experience enhanced health and vitality
  7. Plan your weekly meals accordingly

How It Works / How To Use It

Your Keto Calculator Results Explained

What To Do Next

What To Eat In Each Macro Category

Next Steps: Keto Meal Plan Ideas + Recipes

Now that you know how to track your macros and pick the right foods to ace a ketogenic diet, let us tell you a little about our nutritionist-recommended path for keto success. First of all, your mind needs to be on track with your goals before your body will follow! The best way to ensure that you have the continued motivation and encouragement you need to succeed is to decide right now not to do it alone…

The 310 Nutrition Community is a place where you can find the support, guidance, and personalized advice you need to start living a healthier lifestyle today. In addition, you’ll also find practical ideas for quick, healthy recipes and decadent meal replacement smoothies. Join Now!

2 Shakes + 1 Healthy Meal + 2 Snacks

Next, for weight loss, we always recommend a plan of two keto meal replacement shakes per day as meals. Then, have one keto-friendly regular meal and two keto-approved snacks throughout the day. It’s that easy! Plus, the solutions we mentioned on this page, and the 310 Keto Kit can all help you achieve awesome results daily (and we provide additional recipe ideas, below)!

Having a busy schedule no longer has to be an excuse for why you aren’t living your healthiest, most enjoyable life. Begin yours now!

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