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VIP of the Month

January 2018

Amy H.

Amy has been a part of the 310 Nutrition family for a little over a year now. Amy is a pillar in the 310 community and a great representation of 310 Nutrition's core values and beliefs for living a healthy lifestyle. She is always eager to help and an inspiration to many.

Member Spotlights

Meet these committed members taking great steps towards better health!

Yasmine P.

“I’ve always been a yo-yo dieter. After I retired and my mother passed, I was so depressed I gained 50 pounds in 6 months. I started seeing ads on Facebook for 310, decided I’m going for it, and feel like I’ve hit the lottery! Eating clean and getting healthy was never on my radar, but it is now..”

Christine P.

"310 Nutrition has literally saved my life! Before, I wanted to give up. Junk food was my safe zone. I could barely walk half a mile! I’m now walking 4-5 miles a day! With 310 Nutrition, I’m losing weight, my energy level is skyrocketing, my nails are growing faster and my hair is thicker and shinier. Am I giving up? NEVER!”

Jen Q.

“I always put myself last for self-care. By high school I reached medical obesity status at over 300 pounds, even after trying every diet and infomercial product you can think of. I started as a wallflower in the 310 Nutrition Community learning new ways of thinking, how to read labels, and eventually decided to start 310 Nutrition using all the new tools I learned. The 310 lifestyle has made me stronger physically and mentally.”

Laurie B.

“At 60 years old, after retiring and taking care of my parents, I finally decided to take my health seriously. Thank God I found the 310 products and community. I lost 15 lbs and have 40 more to go! I love the way 310 is like a family. Tim Sharif does such a great job with his company and Annie and Sierra are so helpful keeping me on track!”

Latest Challenges

Checkout some of our past challenged and Join Our Community for more!

Meal Prep

Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been meal prepping for years, join us for the Meal Prep Challenge to learn new skills and perfect your current ones. You’ll start with snacks and work your way to creating balanced, clean meals to complement your 310 Shake routine. Show us your “before prep” and “after prep” photos and tell us what 310-approved snacks you enjoy and why. Gone are the days of fast food and eating out! Learn to meal prep like a pro!

21 Day Detox

21 days of detoxing! We allowed our bodies to reset in this challenge. We relied on 310 Shakes, Apple Cider Vinegar, and more. This was a unique 310 twist to getting our bodies space, time, and a little love to get back to its best self.

Alkaline Challenge

Get basic! pH basic that is… Our Alkaline Challenge was designed to lower the body’s overall acidity level to optimize your body’s pH and boost weight loss. We threw out acidic foods and chose leafy greens, healthy fats and cruciferous vegetables as part of every meal and snack. Weeks two and three focused on carbohydrate control, carbohydrate alternatives and the benefits of juicing with 310 Superfood Juice.

Spring Challenge

Self love, accountability, the great outdoors and exercise - it was all part of this challenge! This challenge offers a little bit of everything. Think of it like spring cleaning, hence the name. Each week we focused on a different aspects of healthy living and gained new, more positive focuses by the end of it.

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