310 Detox Clay
310 Detox Clay
310 Detox Clay

310 Detox Clay

Dietary Supplement

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Calcium bentonite clay – A potent healing substance that possesses a unique ability to thoroughly cleanse your entire body so you feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

Why do our bodies need a detox, you ask?

Just like a car needs oil changes, our bodies need regularly scheduled maintenance to keep things running right. It's common knowledge that toxins and heavy metals present in the environment and even foods end up lurking around inside of us where they cause negative affects to our body's internal processes. The end result is that we feel sluggish and even sick, and we may even gain weight and find it more difficult to lose stubborn pounds. (1)

Literally the ONLY way to get your personal “engine” back to running at peak performance is to give yourself a full body detoxifying reset.

And pure calcium bentonite clay is the ideal way to do that…

100% Pure 310 Calcium Bentonite Clay Empowers You to Look AND Feel Your Best

Attracts and removes toxins

Our natural, food-grade clay is created from volcanic ash, and has the strongest negative ionic charge of any clay (2). What does that mean? 310 bentonite clay works as a sponge with extreme magnetic strength. Once it hits liquid in your body it expands and toxins are being sucked into the sponge (the clay), where they are then absorbed and then dispelled from your body.

And how does this support your weight loss?

By using 310 clay, you create the perfect toxin-free environment in your body to effectively burn fat and calories, so you can drop pounds and also help prevent yourself from gaining. The clay is also very filling, so after you drink it, it can help keep you full and even make it easier not to reach for unhealthy foods.

310 Detox Clay is Over 2.5x Stronger Than the Second Leading Brand 

While many companies sell unique versions of bentonite clay (none of which contain 100% pure calcium bentonite), the only way to truly experience the amazing healing and detoxifying internal cleanse benefits of this clay is to ensure that the one you use is both EFFECTIVE and CERTIFIED BY THE FDA AS SAFE.

310 Detox Clay

Outstanding Features of 310 Detox Clay

It’s FDA GRAS Certified. GRAS is an acronym for the phrase Generally Recognized As Safe. Would you want to consume any clay that DOESN’T have this certification?! Other clays that are not pure may even cause side effects like constipation and digestive issues so you definitely want to steer clear of taking anything else internally. (3)

It’s Actual Calcium Bentonite. It’s imperative that any clay that you consume be calcium based and not sodium based. Whereas sodium based clays are okay for commercial and industrial uses, there is a lot of controversy surrounding whether or not they’re suitable for ingestion. When trying to heal or detox your body, the LAST thing you want to do is ingest a large amount of salt! No matter what other brands may claim, we do NOT recommend sodium bentonite clays for consumption.

It’s 100% Pure Calcium Bentonite, Directly from the Mine. While most clays claim to be “100% Pure”, instead they have been cleansed using a heat or hydration process to rid them of impurities. Both processes take the clay to a higher purity level, but also destroy healing properties and lower the efficacy of it (how well it works). In contrast to the other clay types, 310 Clay comes from the last remaining source of 100% pure, calcium bentonite clay, right in the USA, so you literally won’t find a product more pure or more effective.

It Has An Extremely High Efficacy Ratio. This ratio determines how well a clay will be able to absorb and remove toxins in your body. If a clay’s efficacy ratio is 10 to 1, this means that it is able to remove 10 times its molecular weight in positively charged ions (or the bad stuff) from your body. There are only three clays on the market today with an efficacy ratio greater than 12 to 1 – and as you can see, 310 Detox Clay tops the list with its 37 to 1 efficacy ratio!

It Has a Very High pH Level. While all clays are alkaline so therefore can help your body go from an acidic state where disease can prosper to an alkaline one where your system runs optimally, only two clays on the market have pH’s that are 9.3 to 9.7 in their natural state. 310 Detox Clay has a pH level of 9.7, the highest pH level available in a clay to bring your body back into balance for optimal health and setting the stage for more effective weight loss.

NEXT STEPS: How to Use 310 Detox Clay to Purify Your Body

NOTE: 310 Detox Clay is FDA Certified as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe). We do not suggest that you take this amount of any other type of detox clay internally that does not have this certification.

Full Body Detox: When you’re first starting off with 310 Detox Clay, it’s a great idea to do a week-long full body detox in order to really cleanse your system of impurities. After that, you can follow up the cleanse with regular daily maintenance doses of the clay. You can also go back and do a full body detox again whenever you feel like your system needs it.

Start by mixing dry 310 Detox Clay powder with water at an 8 to 1 ratio (8 being the water and 1 being the clay) in a large bottle, shaker cup or other container that you can seal.

Mix 6 tsps of dry clay with 8 oz of water 2-3x a day for 7 days. Place mixture in your 310 shaker cup and shake until clay has a milky consistency.

We then recommend letting this mixture sit for 24 hours. This is important so that the mixture can blend together perfectly, which will also create a drink with a better consistency. After the 24 hours, shake or stir the mixture once more and then it’s ready to consume.

Daily Detox Maintenance: After you’ve completed your full body detox cleanse using 310 Detox Clay, you can continue to rid your body of impurities by taking daily maintenance doses.

Mix 3 tsps of dry clay with 4 oz of water 1-2x a day. Place mixture in your 310 shaker cup and shake until clay has a milky consistency.

Note that you can also add your 310 Detox Clay into a smoothie by putting ½ tablespoon of the dry clay into a blender with the rest of your ingredients and blending together.


Try 310 Detox Clay Today!

The votes are in… calcium bentonite clay is already the hottest new product on the market, but don’t waste your time with blatantly inferior, less effective brands that may cause you unpleasant side effects and are not certified to be safe for internal cleansing or consumption! Stick with the brand you can CLEARLY trust and try 310 Detox Clay today! It’s time to wipe out harmful toxins in your body that are sabotaging your health and weight loss efforts…Start now!


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