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310 Superfoods Starter Kit

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Enhance your day with powerful superfoods. Pick 310 Greens, Reds, Golds, or a mix. Fuel your body & mind with the most delicious superfood drinks around.

Customize Your Kit
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Starter Kit
Black Cherry
$60 $9
Vanilla Chai
$60 $9
Greens One
Apple Banana
$60 $9
Greens Two
Mixed Berry
$60 $9
All Superfoods
Get all 4 superfoods in one kit
$60 $9.99
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310 Frother
Ideal for 310 Superfood powders, lattes, milk, milk alternatives, and other drinks.
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Choose Your 30 Serving Box:
Mixed Berry Greens

A mouth-watering blend of citrus-y tarte that settles into a subtle sweetness, for the perfect summer vibe every day

Apple Banana Greens

This refreshing blend of citrus packs a little pucker power with a perfect blend of tart, sweet and salty.

Black Cherry Reds

An irresistible flavor featuring the distinct tastes of cayenne, ginger, turmeric and a hint of mouth-watering lemony-sweetness

Price: $9

LIMIT 1 per household

In the Kit

6 x Servings of Superfoods

Your choice of Greens, Reds, Golds, or a variety!

Shaker Cup

Easily mix up your superfoods on-the-go!

$10 Gift Card

Our gift to you! Use towards your next 310 purchase.

Superfoods Guide

Learn how to best utilize superfoods in your lifestyle!

310 Greens
1,000+ Reviews

Energy, digestive, & immune support. Comes in 2 mouthwatering flavors: Apple Banana & Mixed Berry.

310 Reds
1,000+ Reviews

Mood, Heart, & Weight Management Support. Featuring a delicious, sugar-free blend of tart cherry flavor.

310 Golds
1,000+ Reviews

Sleep, Stress, & Anti-Inflammatory Support. Featuring a mouthwatering vanilla chai flavor that’s the perfect mix of spicy & sweet.

Why Superfoods?
310 Greens - Green veggies and algaes are not only nutritional powerhouses – packed with immune-supporting phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals – they’re also rich in chlorophyll, a health-boosting substance providing all-day energy, with no crashes.
310 Reds - Red fruits such as cherry, beet, pomegranate, and acai, are some of the best for mind and body wellness. They’re loaded with antioxidants, including lycopene and anthocyanins, that nourish a healthy heart, sharp brain, and improved mood.
310 Golds - Super herbs including turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, maca, and cayenne are packed with inflammation-fighting properties, supporting pain-free joints, smooth digestion, and full-body calm.

310 Reds Reviews

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