SOLD OUT - 310 Blender

SOLD OUT - 310 Blender

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Do you make all your shakes using just water or another beverage because you don’t have a blender to mix in other healthy ingredients? Or maybe you own a blender but it isn’t quick or convenient for your daily routine?

We have a solution for both of these problems! We currently have a very limited supply of 310 Blenders available NOW! Until supplies last, grab your very own 310 Blender set (which includes 2 to-go cups and a FREE Recipes E-Book) for only $29.95!

With the 310 Blender, you mix all your ingredients right into your to-go cups, so the process is fast and efficient for your busy lifestyle. When your shake is ready, just replace the blade from the top of your cup with a leak-proof lid and voila, you’re ready to go!

So get your shake mix, add your favorite beverage and fruit, put some ice cubes in, and blend it to your hearts content.

What you get from our 310 Blender:

2 750ml to-go cups

2 leak proof lids

300 watt motor

2 speeds + pulse

Stainless steel blades

Virtually effortless clean-up

Enormous time savings!

Your Box will Include:

1x mixer base station

1x mixer blade

2x Easy-Go Shakers

2x Easy-Go Lids

1x Set of Instructions

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