310 Gym Jump Rope

310 Gym Jump Rope

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310 Gym Jump Rope

Great for cardio exercises, this jump rope will have you on a calorie burning craze. Features cushioned black and orange handles for extra support and light enough to continue swinging for long periods of time. Work every muscle by using this elementary favorite, with an adult edge.

310 Jump Rope tip: hold the jump rope in front of you, gripping the foam handles in each hand with your elbows tucked in. Make sure when swinging the rope that it slaps the floor for a smooth, continuing swing. As you practice more, you find a rhythm to keep your jumps in equally timed intervals. Challenge yourself by switching up the speed and jump time for a more intense jump session!

PVC and foam jump rope with padded handles and plastic tubing (black and orange)

Using a jump rope can be hard on your knees and ankles. Any existing joint problems or injuries may be irritated with intense jump roping activities.

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