310 Lifestyle Kit with 310 Juice

310 Lifestyle Kit with 310 Juice

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The new year is here and so is a new chance to finally conquer your weight loss goals and achieve your absolute BEST in 2017.
We’ve got some essentials you’ll need to make that possible…
Using this effective system to gear up your healthy lifestyle is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Replace one to two meals per day with NEW 310 Shake.

This enhanced formula contains proven plant proteins pea, brown rice, and hemp – all with immense support to aid in weight loss. Breakthroughs in technology have enabled us to add intensely rich flavors to these shakes, so they taste incredible while being sugar-free. We’ve also added gut-supporting probiotics as well as a vitamin and mineral blend for overall health.

Just add one scoop of 310 Shake and water into a 310 Shaker Cup and mix (great for before or after a workout!), or add the scoop to a smoothie with your favorite fruits, vegetables, and other healthy ingredients.

By replacing a meal with 310 Shake, you reduce the number of calories you take in from that meal. The shake also helps to suppress your appetite so you don’t snack on other foods throughout the day.

If you want to take your weight loss to the next level, replace two meals a day with 310 Shake, which will give you 14 days of enhanced results using this kit. Or, if you are looking for less weight loss or a healthy maintenance routine, replace one meal a day and this kit will last you 28 days. Always remember to have at least one full healthy meal a day along with the meals you replace with a shake, to ensure you get enough calories and nutrients you need.

Choose between shake flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, or NEW Vanilla Chai. Be sure to visit our 310 recipe page for great recipe ideas.

2. 310 Juice Daily Superfood™ A Wonderful Way To Start Your Day

If you’ve ever tried juicing your own fruits and vegetables, you know it’s not simple or convenient. Buying all the materials can be costly, and the process itself is time-consuming, having to prepare all your ingredients, make your juice, and then clean-up afterward!

But juicing is a great way to cleanse your body of toxins and receive the essential nutrients from fruits and vegetables you need each day.

310 Juice is essentially a “short-cut”…All you have to do is mix one scoop into a glass of water or juice and you get all the immense benefits with zero hassle. Plus, you will love the refreshing, great taste!

When you juice your own produce, you still get all the fructose or sugars present in the fruits and vegetables. But 310 Juice has ZERO sugar and only 15 calories, so you can easily stay in line with your health and weight loss goals.

Let’s see how 310 Juice compares to these alternatives…

3. Get professional health guidance and support to succeed.

With this 2017 Healthy Lifestyle Kit, you also receive a 30-minute session with a Certified Health Coach, retail value $29.99. Ask all your burning health questions, and get set up to succeed with a personalized plan that’s right for you.

Plus, get the 30 DAY 30 SHAKE, 310 JUICE  e-Book (retail value $39.99), with pages of advice and insight on best lifestyle practices and ways to put them into action.

Don’t wait! Get your 2017 Healthy Lifestyle Kit now and start making the changes you’ve been wanting to for so long! 2017 is YOUR year to shine.

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