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I reached 135 pounds! That’s 75 pounds down from my original weight!

- Autumn Bordeaux, 45 years old

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✅ 4 Flavors of Single-Serv Shakes (2 Chocolate Icing and 2 Vanilla Cake)
✅ 310 Shaker Cup
✅ $10 Gift Card
Plus: Meal Plan E-Book & Health Coach Consultation

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Chocolate Icing

Rich chocolate icing flavor with the smooth, rich taste of premium cocoa.


One-part delicious ingredients, Three-parts summer camp nostalgia.

Price: $9

LIMIT 1 per household

Limited Edition Shakes from Jenni & Zack

Jwoww's Vanilla Cake

No doubt you'll fall in love with the amazing luscious taste of fresh-baked vanilla cake flavor, along with that creamy, pure vanilla bean icing goodness. Trust us, you'll want to lick the spoon on this one!

Zack's Chocolate Icing

We’ve partnered up with Zack Carpinello to bring you this sinfully-sweet, limited edition signature shake flavor. One sip and we know you’ll be won over by the indulgent yet amazingly-nutritious new shake, which won’t be around for long!

"Starting 310 was the best decision I have ever made."
- Nichole S.
"310 has become a lifestyle change for me...thank you 310 for changing my life."
- Lenore P.
"I have lost 96 lbs in 8.5 months and feel amazing."*
- Carmela Arauz H.

What You Can Make With 310 Shakes

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We love sharing 310 Shakes so much, we opened up a Shake Shop in Vegas!

At 310 Nutrition, creating the most delicious, nutritious shakes is our passion. We’ve sold over 1 million shakes online and even have a physical location in Las Vegas to serve the local community. 

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310 Shakes
Curb cravings and support weight loss with incredibly delicious shakes!
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Shaker Cup
Easily mix up your 310 Shakes on-the-go!
$10 Gift Card
Our gift to you! Use towards your next 310 purchase.
Meal Plan E-Book
Easy, yummy recipes and expert weight loss guidance to put you on the right path.
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Who You’ll Meet in the 310 Community

You’ll find these 310 superstars and thousands more in the 310 Community!
Sierra Rodriguez
310 Nutrition - Nutritionist & Health Coach
Sierra Rodriguez is a Nutritionist and Health Coach for 310 Nutrition helping to educate and motivate individuals to live their best, healthiest lives.
Ann Marie
Community Member
“The 310 community has been such an awesome lifeline for me. Everyone was so caring and genuine, and they were always there to give support.”
Yasmine Purdey
Community Member
“The 310 community has given me supporters who not only have guided me, but encouraged me keep going. It's a group full of encouragement that is never ending.”

310 Shake Reviews

Results may vary depending, in part, on starting point, motivation, and commitment.*

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hey I'm Becky, your 310 Registered Dietitian Nutritionist - read over some common questions below, and if you need more help, my team is waiting to answer!

Becky Riekhof MBA, RDN - 310 Nutrition Health Coach
What is 310 Nutrition?

At 310, our passion is helping our customers improve their lives and meet their long-term health goals by providing proven solutions that fit into their lifestyle. We want to help them develop the habits of eating clean and staying active with the support of an engaged community – so they can start the journey to healthier, more rewarding living. We are driven by countless stories that our customers send us of regaining their confidence after using our products.

From fitting into a pair of jeans that were living in the back of the closet waiting for the day they would fit again, to no longer hiding in back of somebody in the family portrait… The opportunities are endless with 310 and we’re here to support you along the way.

What are 310 Organic Shakes?

310 Organic Shakes are complete meal replacements that help replace unhealthy eating habits in your diet. All 310 Organic Shakes are keto, paleo and vegan-friendly to fit a variety of dietary needs. Each shake is only 110 calories per serving and contains NO sugar, gluten, soy, dairy, GMO's or artificial ingredients! And since they’re low in calories, you have the option of adding in your favorite smoothie ingredients (fruits, veggies, nuts, etc.), while still staying within dietary goals for weight loss.

Can I use 310 if I'm...
  • Pregnant?
  • Nursing?
  • A diabetic/pre-diabetic?
  • Have a medical condition?
  • Am on any type of medication?

Many people safely and successfully use 310 products alongside different health conditions. HOWEVER, we ALWAYS recommend getting new products approved by your physician or medical care provider, as everyone is unique and has different needs!

How do I make a shake?

Here are our top tips for making a shake...

1. Instead of just mixing the powder with liquid, MAKE IT INTO A SMOOTHIE! This will make your shake even more creamy, delicious, smooth and indulgent, while giving you extra nutrition from healthy ingredients.
2. Use your favorite milk (instead of water). We love almond milk, but the choice is yours!
3. Make sure to add your favorite smoothie fix-ins like frozen fruit, nut butters, leafy greens, etc. The possibilities really are endless!
4. To help make your shake extra creamy, we recommend plain yogurt, avocado, banana, or even cottage cheese.