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How Autumn Bordeaux beat her weight loss plateau with 310 and Clean Eating!


The Turning Point...

In November 2016, I went through a divorce after finding out my husband was unfaithful. After turning 39, being newly single, and weighing 210 pounds, I hit my lowest point physically and emotionally. Finding out my husband committed adultery with a woman 13 years younger than me was a huge slap to my self-confidence. My self-esteem went down the tubes. I instantly became a single mom to our 3 and 5 year old kids. It was a really rough time.

I actually started losing weight from the stress of my divorce, but as this happened, I also started feeling better about myself. I was emotionally healing and physically feeling better and stronger and started working hard to lose more weight. 

But around June of 2017, I plateaued and couldn’t lose any more weight-shifting between 160-165 pounds. I still wanted to lose 25 more pounds but I just couldn’t lose anymore. It’s like I turned 40 and my body just started fighting against me. I wasn’t gaining anything back but I just couldn’t seem to get my metabolism to fire up, which was very discouraging. This went on for a year and a half before I knew I needed to try something new...

The Change..

I became determined to not let what happened define me or make me spiral into obesity but instead to take control of my life and my own happiness and be the best person and mother I could be.

The hardest part was making the decision to lose weight, which started out due to stress, but then I found 310 and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made.

I saw 310 ads on my social media. The ads seemed to pop up all the time, but I started doing my research and reading other clients success stories is what helped me decide that I wanted to give it a shot.

I had tried other meal replacement shakes before and thought they tasted awful so I decided to buy the sampler pack with a variety of flavors before fully committing. To my surprise,  I absolutely loved all six flavors and decided to bite the bullet and buy a few months’ supply.

Weight Loss Success!

On Valentine’s Day of 2019, I went into it full force. As a single mother, I have to be very careful with my budget but thankfully after doing the math and deciding to replace two meals a day with 310 Shakes, I realized I was actually saving money. I started out with two shakes a day, one in the morning and one at lunch. I walked regularly, drank a lot of water, cut out junk food and ate a light dinner. I don’t believe in fully depriving myself of fun foods and I don’t believe in cheat days because it’s too easy to go overboard. So instead I would have "cheat" moments like enjoying small portions of the foods I enjoyed like pasta, and other carbs.

I just sort of trained my brain to only indulge occasionally instead of every day or an all or nothing day.  I was able to break through my weight loss plateau and lose 15 pounds fairly fast, within the first two months!  With just 10 more pounds to go. I decided to cut down to one shake a day and up my activity.  I am happy to say that with a lot of determination and the help of 310 and the amazing support group they offer, I hit my goal and surpassed it by 5 pounds!  At my September, 1, 2019 weigh-in, I reached 135 pounds!! That’s 75 pounds down from my original weight and 30 pounds gone since February 14th, 2019 with the help of 310. I am so excited and grateful. I haven’t looked back for even a second.

Here’s how I lost the weight with 310 Nutrition and keep it going to this day:  I’m a coffee drinker. So I’ll have one cup of coffee in the morning with some almond milk vanilla creamer. And then I make my first shake of the day. My favorite is Strawberry. I’ll add fresh spinach, frozen strawberries, half a banana, sometimes some chia seeds or fresh mango, and sometimes some oats to help add some thickness and help keep me full. I always blend it with unsweetened almond milk.

I usually drink my second shake around lunch time and I’ll do either Mocha or Chocolate and add Peanut Butter Powder which has less calories than traditional peanut butter, cold black coffee, oats, spinach, and almond milk. I also love Vanilla and Vanilla Chai. The shakes are great for keeping me full for several hours but if I do get hungry, I’ll snack on some mixed nuts, turkey jerky, baby carrots with a light dressing, a slice of toast or half a bagel, a small salad with some avocado , or a Greek yogurt.

For dinner I just try to eat light. I love fish so I’ll bake a small piece of fish, and then add a side of steamed veggies. I find the shakes keep me very full through the day and I rarely find myself hungry.

I feel I’ve grown as a woman and a mother through this weight loss journey. I’ve learned not to beat myself up over the struggles but to listen to my body and just give it my best every day. I’m happy to say that feeling healthy and comfortable again has made me happier than I’ve been in years and that, for me, is a huge victory.

I tell everyone about 310. I’ve had several friends sign up for the shakes and have success because of them and it’s so exciting to see them reach their goals too. I don’t even plan on stopping the shakes and am so grateful I took the chance to try them and I hope so many others who may be struggling will do the same.

Staying Motivated Through Community...

The support group has been essential in this journey. This group of people really seem to get each other and what the others are going through and they’re each other’s biggest cheerleaders. The advice, the recipes, and the encouragement have given me the willpower to keep with it and not give up. I have made lasting friendships in this group and I look forward to watching everyone reach their goals.

I know it’s cliché but I just want to say, don’t give up. When I started this journey I didn’t love myself. I was going through so much and I was just tired. I was emotionally exhausted and it made me physically exhausted. I didn’t even know where to begin to start feeling better. I was frustrated and disappointed in myself and really at my lowest point. Some days I didn’t even want to get out of bed or leave my house…

But then I decided I am worthy, and my kids deserved a happy and healthy mother. I made the decision so many times before to get healthy but I always gave up. I’d get discouraged. But once I made that commitment to myself to give 310 an honest and fair chance to help me lose this weight I didn't look back. I’d give myself pep talks every day. Sometimes I’d have to drag my butt out for a walk or I’d have to make myself avoid the cookie aisle at the store.

I’d always tell myself it’ll be worth it-and it has been worth it. Anyone can have success with these amazing shakes and the awesome support from people just like you. You just have to decide you’re worth it. You got this.

Ready to Try 310? 

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