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Morning, afternoon, evening, night…every time is a great time for a warm, satisfying cup of tea, or a cold and refreshing glass of iced tea! This detox tea contains natural ingredients that help to cleanse your body and boost your metabolism, supporting your weight loss efforts.

This cleansing tea also contains appetite-suppressing ingredients including yerba mate, guarana and damiana (1), so you can enjoy a cup any time you want to quell your hunger, and in place of unhealthy snacks. Also includes powerful and highly beneficial organic green tea, oolong, ginger, pomegranate and more. Take a sip of paradise and reach your goals at the same time!

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If you’re often lacking in energy, or you’ve been experiencing excessive bloating or trouble losing weight, adding some high-quality herbal teas into your clean dietary plan can be extremely rewarding and provide a major boost to your health.

What’s a Detox Tea? 

Detox Teas are currently quite trendy and popular, with celebs proclaiming intense weight loss and speedy results from sipping on these so-called “miracle teas”. But there’s a big difference in various detox tea products…

That’s because many of these teas contain harsh laxative ingredients that aren’t meant to be used continuously for the long-term. In contrast, the entire line of 310 Nutrition Detox Teas all complement your healthy lifestyle, and can be enjoyed daily. This is why we believe they’re the best detox teas you’ll find!

310 cleansing teas feature proven herbal ingredients that assist with your body’s natural detoxification processes. What does this mean? It means that while your liver and other detox organs work efficiently to help rid your body of toxins, sometimes they can get overloaded, and need help doing their job correctly.

The end result of being overloaded with toxins – from unhealthy processed foods, sugar, chemicals and other environmental sources – is feeling tired, sluggish, unmotivated, bloated and just plain awful. If you have more impurities than your body is able to flush out, you may have trouble sleeping, get frequent headaches, be more stressed than usual, and even have a down or depressed mood. In addition, your body may hold onto more fat storage, making weight loss more difficult.

In this article, we’re going to explain why we believe 310 Detox Teas are set far apart from the other “temporary” tea products you’ll find on the market. Instead, 310 Teas are meant to be used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, as delicious drinks you can enjoy daily and often.

The bottom line is, everyone could use some level of cleansing to help their body function at its best. Read on to learn how 310 Teas can help you refresh and rejuvenate your health and weight loss efforts…

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What is 310 Natural Detox Tea?

The entire collection of 310 Tea products feature proven herbs – like green tea, rooibos and yerba mate – that support your body’s natural cleansing processes. In addition, these herbs have been shown to assist with weight loss, and can speed up your body’s fat-burning potential.

While some herbs (like green tea, oolong, and guarana), are naturally-energizing and boost metabolism, others (such as rooibos and yerba mate), help suppress appetite and promote a feeling of fullness after meals. Other herbs (such as birch), help eliminate access water from your body to promote total body cleansing.

In addition, 310 Teas also feature other ingredients known to promote optimal health. For instance, ginger is one of the best anti-inflammatory herbs and supports enhanced digestive health. And pomegranate is a high-antioxidant fruit that studies show can promote fat-burning and support heart health.

What Are the Different Types of 310 Teas 

310 weight loss teas come in various flavors and types, based on your taste preference and mood…

310 Tea (Original) – Our signature flavor, 310 Original Tea has a light, slightly-sweet honey taste, from natural honey powder and plant-based Stevia. It features 9 naturally-cleansing herbs/ingredients for optimal health and vitality.

310 Peach Tea – This is the same amazing formula as 310 Original Tea, but features natural peach flavors instead of honey powder – giving it a fun and fruity taste perfect for when you want something slightly sweet.

310 Jasmine Mint Tea – This refreshing detox slimming tea features the pleasantly sweet taste of jasmine flowers mixed with peppermint leaf. It also features the additional cleansing/weight loss promoting herbs in the Original 310 Tea formula. This tea, along with the previous 310 detox slimming teas, come in convenient pyramid tea bag form.

310 Jasmine Mint Loose Leaf Tea – If you’re in the mood for a loose leaf tea, this 310 Jasmine Mint tea is a great option. Instead of tea bags, the loose tea leaves can be added into a tea strainer for steeping in your cup or insulated mug.

NEW 310 Hibiscus Tea – Finally, 310 Hibiscus Tea offers an addicting tropical taste reminiscent of cranberry. The red tea is naturally sweet, with a bold, slightly tart flavor. The tea features hibiscus flowers, known for their fruity profile and high content of vitamin C, along with the additional detoxifying herbs in 310 Original Tea.

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Best Detox Tea: Why Choose 310 Tea? 

As mentioned, 310 Teas aren’t like many other detox teas you’ll find on the market. They offer some striking differences that can make all the difference in your health and vitality. For one, they don’t contain harsh laxative ingredients that other cleansing teas do. In particular, they don’t contain an ingredient called “senna”.

What is Senna?

Senna is an herb that works to clean out the intestines by having a natural laxative effect. Basically, drinking teas with senna will make you run to the bathroom quite often, by expediting your body’s waste removal process.

The problem with senna is that this laxative effect can cause some unpleasant side effects. For instance, it can cause diarrhea and vomiting. Also, of you aren’t diligent about getting enough water, it can cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalance.

For this reason, senna should be avoided, or only used for very short time periods. Yet, the ingredient is included in many popular weight loss teas, and people are using them for much longer than is safe or recommended.

 How Does 310 Tea Gently Cleanse Your Body?

In contrast, 310 Teas contain naturally-cleansing ingredients that are gentle on your system. This means you can drink them multiple times a day, for the duration. The teas are very low in caffeine, yet provide a boost in energy. They also gently support your body’s detox organs and processes to flush out toxins and impurities that can back up your system and cause unpleasant side effects. 

Ingredients Used in 310 Tea’s Include…

  • Green Tea – Contains powerful antioxidants (called catechins) – with the most powerful catechin being EGCG. Studies show that green tea works effectively to boost your metabolism, helping you burn more fat throughout the day and reducing fat storage. The combo of green tea and caffeine can also enhance your weight loss results.
  • Yerba Mate – Another metabolism-booster, yerba mate is also known to slow down the rate of gastric emptying in the body – helping you feel full after consumption and helping to prevent over-eating. 
  • Guarana – This fruit is the size of a coffee bean, and has a natural stimulant effect, which can assist with fat-burning. It also contains a property called theobromine, which can have an appetite-suppressing effect.
  • Oolong Wu Yi – This antioxidant-packed black tea has fat-burning benefits very similar to green tea – as it’s a powerful metabolism booster and can help enhance fat-burning. Studies show that the consumption of this tea may even help prevent obesity.
  • Organic Rooibos – This is a red tea with a naturally sweet, smooth taste, that contains natural antioxidants. The tea can enhance fullness and help to suppress appetite, while providing a calming, relaxing effect. 
  • Ginger – This is an incredibly healing herb, with properties that can help calm the digestive tract and improve digestion. It can also help fight inflammation and improve immune health. In addition, it can boost metabolism, and help alleviate gas, bloating and cramping.
  • Pomegranate – Studies show that the seeds of this fruit can help to stimulate fat reduction. In addition, it can boost energy and promote heart health due to its high antioxidant content. 
  • Birch – Another highly-cleansing herb, birch helps eliminate excess water from the body, taking impurities with it. By removing toxins, it also helps the body realize it doesn’t have to hold onto stored fat, and can help eliminate fat stores.

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No Sugar or Artificial Ingredients 

In addition, 310 natural detox teas are free from sugar, and artificial sweeteners and flavorings. With many detox teas, you’ll find the addition of artificial sweeteners such as Sucralose (Splenda), in order to give them flavor.

However, these “chemical sugars” are exactly the types of ingredients that are causing your body to be overloaded with impurities in the first place! Do yourself a favor and steer clear of all detox and weight loss tea products that contain any type of chemical or unnatural ingredients, as it will only detract from your overall health.

Instead, 310 Teas include natural ingredients – like honey powder, hibiscus leaves, jasmine, and plant-based stevia – for intense, enjoyable flavor.

Convenient Pyramid Tea Bags

Another great thing about 310 Detox Teas is that they come in convenient “pyramid style” tea bags. This means that in contrast to regular flat tea bags, they’re in a triangular shape, which allows for quicker, easier steeping, and an even distribution of flavor.

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How to Detox: Getting the Most Benefit from 310 Teas

Part of a Clean, Healthy Diet

The most important thing to remember about 310 Teas is that they’re meant to be used to complement a healthy diet – and a healthy lifestyle. The best results from the teas will be seen when you drink them in combination with fresh whole foods.

These real foods include fruits and veggies, grains, legumes, organic meats and fish, cage free eggs and other sugar-free dairy products, grass fed butter, and healthy oils, nuts and seeds.

So, what should you leave out of your diet? Sugar, unhealthy trans fats, and refined carbs, such as white bread, white pasta, and desserts such as cookies, ice cream, chocolates, candies, pastries and more.

If you have sugary foods, make sure it’s only a very small amount of the time. That’s because highly-processed, manufactured foods contain ingredients that are foreign to your body, and end up contributing to an influx of toxins – the exact same toxins you’re trying to remove with 310 Teas!

Directions for Using 310 Teas

  • Drink 2+ times a day – You can enjoy 310 Tea any time of day – it only has a very small amount of caffeine, and many people say they can enjoy it in the evening without it interfering with their sleep. It also makes a great breakfast tea, or enjoyed throughout the day to help suppress appetite and increase energy.

To thoroughly cleanse your body and assist with natural detoxification processes, drink at least 2 cups of 310 Tea per day – however, you can feel free to drink more as meets your preferences.   

  • Enjoy hot or chilled – All 310 Tea’s are extremely versatile, so you can feel free to enjoy them hot or cooled down and then poured over ice, for delicious 310 iced tea.
  • Brewing suggestions – Bring water to a boil in a pot. Pour the water into a cup and let the tea bag steep for 3-5 minutes (use 1 tea bag for every 8-12 oz). Enjoy immediately for a hot beverage or put in the fridge to cool for an iced tea. 

Use in Conjunction with 310 Healthy Lifestyle Products

310 Tea also works best as part of a healthy lifestyle, and this includes being used in conjunction with other 310 healthy lifestyle products. Some of the additional solutions we recommend daily for total body cleansing and a healthy lifestyle include…

310 Meal Replacement Shakes – Feature 15g of plant-based protein, 5g of dietary fiber, healthy fats, 20 vitamins and minerals, a superfood greens blend and probiotics for gut health. Drink 1-2 times per day in place of meals. There’s no sugar and they come in deliciously awesome flavors like Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Strawberry and Mocha.

310 Lemonades – Simply add a packet of these sugar-free lemonades into water and mix! They contain alkalizing minerals that help naturally energize and balance your pH, while satisfying your sweet tooth without containing artificial sweeteners.

310 Juices – It can be hard to get all the nutrients from fruits and veggies you need daily – but you’re ahead of the game when you add 1-2 glasses of this superfood greens juice to your day. With 70+ nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and more, it will also thoroughly satisfy your taste buds.

For a full list of 310 dietary supplements and weight loss solutions visit the 310 Nutrition site or try our Starter Kit today!

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