About Us: The 310 Story

Hi, I’m Tim Sharif, co-founder of 310 Nutrition and I’m here to share the story of how I started this booming health and wellness company along with fellow co-founder, Kirk Fabrizio.

Little did we know when we first put the stakes of 310 into the ground in 2012 that it would be the colossal success that it is today. 310 Nutrition is the culmination of incredible drive, passion and purpose towards a shared goal; and it has emerged as an unsurpassed category leader in the health, weight management and nutritional supplementation markets.

Ultimately, 310 is the phenomenal result of a brilliant idea. An idea that of the current meal replacement shake options on the market, there simply had to be better. Much, much better.

What do we mean by better? Well, quite simply, we mean everything. We were incredibly shocked to see that the meal replacement shake options currently on the market were seriously lacking in quality ingredients. And most of them had scary and potentially harmful inclusions like loads of sugar, fillers, artificial sweeteners and unpronounceable chemical additives.

And along with the undesirable elements of the shakes, there was also a ton of stuff they didn’t have; like the right balance of top-quality, proven proteins, optimal fiber, necessary nutrients and the ideal amount of calories per serving to make weight loss extremely achievable.

So we went ahead and took the initiative to create a shake worthy of its cause, which was something the market greatly needed. We began 310 in my garage in the Los Angeles, California area. 310 is the area code for LA, so our company name was inspired by the city where we planted its roots!

310 Nutrition instantly became a hit locally and the word started to spread…

Absolutely mouthwatering shakes. Pure, wholesome ingredients. Great prices. A product that you can literally be proud to put into your body each and every day that is bringing forth noticeable results.

Very quickly we began to expand, and in 2013 we changed our shake formula to include a proprietary blend of proteins called Tri-Plex™, a highly-researched formula which makes our premium meal replacement shakes stand out from the rest and brings forth advanced results. Today we offer both whey and plant-based shakes along with other proven weight loss products for a healthy, fit lifestyle – products which millions of users including celebrities have confirmed are making a major, life-changing difference in their lives.

About Our Unmatched Solutions

At 310, we believe that total wellness is all-encompassing. It’s not just about trying to lower the number on your scale, but about reaching full and complete health in mind, body and spirit. It’s about developing a lifestyle that nourishes and fosters your best self, both the outside and the inside. It’s about taking back control of your health and gaining the pride and confidence that comes with lasting, undeniable changes.

310 meal replacement shakes and other healthy lifestyle products are exactly what allow you to do that.

Which is why the 310 Mission Statement is to expertly craft and produce the greatest, healthiest and most effective weight loss shakes and health products on the market to empower you to live your best life possible.

Years of meticulous research and testing along with the highest quality ingredients and the most sophisticated manufacturing are what’s behind every single 310 product. We use real, whole food materials sourced directly from nature, combined with the latest technologies that make our advanced products way above the rest.

Just take a look at our product labels, which are so impressive that many of our 310 users bring them into their doctor’s offices and are met with wide-eyed glowing approval. Not only do we use the best, naturally-sourced, proven ingredients for optimal weight loss and sparkling health, but we add an extensive list of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, superfoods and probiotics so that you look AND feel your greatest, every single day.

In addition, there’s also a host of commonly used ingredients you’ll NEVER find included in 310 products. Soy? Absolutely not. Processed sugar? Nope. Artificial anything? Never. You can trust us with your health and weight loss efforts, because our mission is exactly the same as yours; you are searching for top quality, and we refuse to settle for anything less. We strive every day to supply you with products that fuel your fit, healthy life and leave out any elements that would hinder your success.

The 310 Community

Our total commitment to creating completely unmatched, healthy weight loss solutions has driven us to create a community that empowers clean, healthy living, staying physically fit and becoming your best self.

Not only are those goals that we live by here at 310, but we also have an enormous following of over 100,000 people in our 310 Nutrition Facebook Community, that enthusiastically reflect the 310 lifestyle every single day!

Our community of supporters know that 310 is so much more than just a one-time fix like so many other weight loss brands and diets. 310 is a lifelong healthy lifestyle plan, because the products are built upon the best research and ingredients that are making real, lasting changes in people’s lives. So real, that many enthusiastically call themselves “310 lifers” because they’ve found the solutions upon which they can build the successful, happy, healthy and fit lives they’ve always imagined.

But 310 is not a dream; it’s very much a reality. Just read our abundant success stories and 310 reviews and you’ll see in story after story about how people have gone from desperate and even dangerous health situations to blossoming into the healthiest, most fit versions of themselves.

So come and join us…Your story is the next one to unfold, and we’re here to take the journey with you. As always, we thank you for your continued support and we look forward to this adventure ahead continuing to provide you with perfectly tailored solutions for your best, healthiest life.

Tim and Kirk 


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