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How to Succeed with Weight Loss on a Busy Schedule


On the path to living a healthier lifestyle that includes good dietary habits, sometimes a busy schedule can get in the way of success. And just when you think you have a manageable routine down, unexpected circumstances may cause you to fall off track. 

Not to fret… we’ve got you covered for any situation with some of our top tips for staying in line with your goals on a tight schedule. And we also have a prime product (and sweet offer) for you, right now.

The 310 Variety Box Kit contains 24 single servings of lusciously delicious 310 Meal Replacement Shakes – in 6 different flavors so you can try them all and never get bored. The best part about these packets is that they are super convenient for on-the-go and keeping with you wherever you are – and wherever you need them.


These packs can help keep you in line when things get a little busier, and we also have some additional tips for you, below! When you make the commitment to live a healthy lifestyle, you’ll feel better and be able to show up as your BEST SELF in everything you do – so it’s completely worth it to take a little time to make sure you stay on track when things get extra busy.

Here are our top tips for keeping it together and staying on a healthy and clean dietary program that helps you lose and maintain your weight when your schedule is tighter…

8 Secrets to Staying On Track On a Tight Schedule

1) Stash 310 Single Serve Shakes EVERYWHERE

Our first tip for you is to keep your single serve shakes, well, everywhere! That means in your purse, gym bag, car, at work, or anywhere else you might need them. The best thing about these convenient packs is that all you have to do is add each one to a glass or your 310 Shaker Cup, mix or shake, and you have a nutritious (and low-calorie) meal or snack for whenever you need it. It’s easy to stay within your calorie goals when you keep 310 weight loss shakes with you.

2) Make Ultra-Craveable Smoothies

Next, you’re more likely to stay on track with your goals when things get busier when you make diet shakes that can be ready in minutes, and taste absolutely crave-worthy and delicious. When your meal shakes are things you truly look forward to and taste totally indulgent, then you will turn to them over unhealthy foods that you would typically go to when you’re feeling extra stressed or busy. If your shakes taste like guilty treats, you will turn to them instead of unhealthy options – no matter how busy your schedule is.

3) Drink Your Shake Before You’re Famished

Next, it’s actually better if you can be on a schedule of eating every day, instead of waiting until you’re too hungry to eat. This way, you actually make the healthy choice before you’re too famished to give into your unhealthy cravings.

It also helps your body to become familiar with mealtimes. Finally, it will ensure you don’t skip meals – which is one of the worst things you can do for your blood sugar and controlling your appetite. 

 4) Prepare in Advance

Next, pre-planning your meals and snacks in advance is always a smart thing to do, even on a busy schedule (and especially so). It doesn’t take long to chop up fruits and veggies that are perfect to throw into smoothies, boil eggs, or sauté chicken or another healthy protein to then portion up and have in a moment’s notice.

It’s much easier to stay on track in the busiest part of the day if you take a little time – even just 15-20 minutes tops – to prep some healthy food when you have a little downtime. It’s worth it!

 5) Stash a Secret Shake + Shaker For Emergency’s

Next, along with having 310 single serving shakes with you at all times, we highly recommend you also have a shaker cup and single serving packet of shake ready to go, that you never touch except for emergencies.

On a daily basis, it’s good to plan your meals, but sometimes life gets the best of you, and suddenly your schedule takes an unexpected turn. Having a back-up shake and shaker ready to go will help you stay in control of your diet, even when your schedule goes haywire.

 6) Keep Them Out Where You Can See Them

Next, if you’re wondering where to store 310 single serve shakes at your house, we recommend you keep them out where you can see them, right next to the blender! When you’re in need of a quick snack or a healthier dessert, they will always be front of mind instead of hidden in the back of your cabinet. And, there are so many things you can do with 310 Meal Replacement Shakes and incorporate them in so many different ways into your daily meals, that it only makes sense to use them often, not JUST in your shakes! You can also bake with 310 Weight Loss Shakes, create unique coffee drinks and more. Check out our recipes page for ideas!

 7) Always Travel With Them

Next, if you’re going on a trip, don’t start thinking that vacation calories don’t count. You’ll feel much better if you let yourself indulge a little while also staying on track with your goals. 310 single serve shakes are the perfect thing to bring with you on trips because they’re so nutritious, for such low calories, and easy to make and drink on whatever type of trip or vacation you are taking. They are perfect for your goals and also extremely functional, beneficial, and convenient.

 8) Make Them Part Of Your Workouts

Finally, make 310 Diet Shakes a vital part of your exercise routine. Throw some in your gym bag so that you can make a shake before your workout to help give you extra energy from whole foods, or after, to replenish lost nutrients, support lean muscle growth, restore mental and physical energy, and nourish your entire body. When you include 310 Shakes as part of your workout routine, you can make greater strides in both your exercise and weight loss goals.

Don’t let a busy schedule get the best of you… Grab your 310 Shakes Variety Box today to take control of your weight loss goals and keep yourself on track to success!  

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