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Jennifer Mitchell Feels the Best She's Ever Felt, and Lost 30 Pounds!


The Turning Point...

In the summer of 2016, I broke my leg and needed surgery, and the aftermath left me not only in a cast, but unable to move around very much for quite some time. Upon looking at pictures of myself in the cast, I realized I wasn’t happy with my body or the state of health I was in. And I knew that if I wanted to live a long, full life for my daughter, I needed to drastically change my lifestyle and transform into a healthier version of myself.

It was around that time that I saw an ad and some videos about 310 on Facebook and immediately thought that maybe it could be the solution that would fit in with my fast-paced, busy lifestyle. I wanted to make sure that whatever path I settled on would be a manageable one for the long-term, and user reviews seemed to show that 310 was all of that and more.

The Change...

From the first time I tried the 310 Shakes, I instantly loved the taste and how easy they were to make! At that point, I knew very little about healthy eating, but I knew the shakes were so tasty that I would look forward to drinking them every day as meals! 

My current shake routine is replacing one meal a day with a 310 Shake. I also have a few healthy snacks and two clean, regular meals. My favorite shake flavor is the 310 Chocolate and I love to mix it with unsweetened dark cherries, which tastes like a sumptuous dessert – but one that is actually helping me lose weight!

Along with 310 Shakes, I also use almost all of the other 310 products that are offered! I absolutely adore the 310 Peach Tea, which I drink every morning, and I use all of the lemonades, the superfood juice and the 310 supplements.

My favorite supplements are the 310 Multi and the 310 Probiotic, which I believe have helped me feel stronger and boost my immunity. I also love the Vitamin B12 and the Biotin, which have helped me acquire the healthiest, most radiant hair, nails and skin I’ve ever had! And I also love the 310 Thin, which has given me much more energy to be able to workout, which I now do almost every day.

My fitness routine involves running 3-6 miles, 4-6 days a week, and I also take full advantage of the 310 Gym – a complete set of gym equipment that allows me to workout whenever and wherever I want. I also use the 310 Gym Community on Facebook, which has personal trainers that help direct my steps and fitness videos that make getting into shape much easier.

Weight Loss Success!

Although I’ve been using 310 products for almost two years, I actually reached my weight loss goal of losing 30 lbs. in only 5 months! Since, then, I’ve been using 310 to maintain my new weight and keep up the healthy lifestyle that has me feeling the best I’ve ever felt.

Along with seeing the number on the scale go down, I’ve also seen some amazing improvements to my health since using 310 products. My blood pressure is now in a healthy range and overall, I have more energy and more desire to do things. I also don’t even miss the junk food and sugary foods I ate before! I now love the clean, healthy lifestyle that I live and everything that comes with it.

Staying Committed Through Community...

The thing that helps me stay on track with my progress the most, along with knowing that I can be there for the long run for my daughter, is the 310 Nutrition Community. I cannot say enough good things about this incredibly encouraging group, and I believe it’s one of the pivotal aspects that has helped me transform myself. If not for the direction by the nutritionists and others who use 310, I may not have been able to stay the course as well as I did, and not only reach my goal but keep up the new and improved me.

For anyone who is seeking to not only lose weight but find a happier, healthier version of yourself, you absolutely need to try 310 products! They are the perfect tools to kick your success into high gear. And the company offers everything you need in both the products AND the support. It’s never too late to start becoming the person you want to be in life for yourself and those you love. Try 310 today!

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