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Nikki O'Connor

After having 3 kids and being completely fed up with my body, I stumbled upon 310. I wasn’t actually looking for a weight loss solution at the time, but after seeing an ad for 310 Shakes on Facebook, I realized it was speaking to a part of myself deep down that knew I needed to make some drastic, healthy lifestyle changes. Even though I had been faithfully going to the gym 5 days a week for a year, I wasn’t seeing results. I was tired and often out of breath when playing with my kids. What I didn’t know was that my unhealthy eating habits were directly hindering my success. 

After coming across 310 Nutrition, I watched a video by Tim Sharif, 310’s Founder, in the 310 Nutrition Facebook Community about how to lose a pound a day by using the shakes along with a clean eating diet. It was then that something clicked for me and my eyes were opened to everything I had been doing wrong. I knew it was time to give 310 and a new, healthy eating plan a try!

I started off my program by ordering the $9 starter kit, thinking that it was a great option to try the flavors and see what I liked. My initial reaction was that I immediately loved the taste of the shakes and how easy they were to use! That combined with the motivation and support in the 310 Nutrition Community was a winning combination for me. When I made the commitment not to give up and faithfully use the shakes every day, that’s when I started to notice a major positive change in my weight and health.

My normal routine consists of replacing two meals a day with shakes. The Salted Caramel 310 Shake is by far my favorite flavor, as it tastes like a delicious dessert! I love this shake with 12 ounces of cashew milk, 6 ice cubes, half a banana or an apple and a dash of cinnamon, all blended up.

I also enjoy two healthy snacks as well as 310 Tea and 310 Lemonade, both of which help me stay hydrated. The Lemonade in particular has helped me kick my nasty soda habit to the curb! 310 Lemonade has no sugar but still tastes awesome (it comes in a variety of flavors) and satisfies my taste buds while giving me natural energy. Before, I used to drink soda several times a day and now it tastes disgusting to me!

I also use the 310 Probiotics and the 310 Metaboost. I don’t exercise as often as I used to now but when I do, the 310 Metaboost gives me an extra boost of energy to help me get the most out of my workout.

I am now in my third month of using 310 Shakes and I’ve lost 35 lbs. so far! When I started with 310 I was 222 lbs. – definitely not healthy for my build and frame. But with 310 Nutrition products, I’ve been able to reach a healthier weight for me! My goal is to get to around 150 lbs., so to lose another 40 lbs., but I also feel great with where I am at right now! Using 310 Shakes along with a clean eating routine has even helped to clear up my skin, and I honestly feel great all around.

I know that once I reach my goal weight, I will keep using 310 Shakes for the duration. If I need to, I’ll go down to replacing only one meal per day with a shake, but at this point the 310 products are such a huge, incredibly positive aspect of my life that I wouldn’t want to be without them!

To the other men and women who are looking to lose weight, I would say to start right now believing that you can do it! After a year of struggling on my own, I didn’t think it was possible for me, but now here I am sharing my success story. And you will get there too if you just keep pushing forward and staying strong.

And make sure to join the 310 Nutrition Community on Facebook! I try to post in there every day as well as go in to see other people’s stories. It’s so motivational and exactly what I need on days when I’m feeling discouraged and like I need some extra encouragement to keep going.

And since I’m living proof that 310 works, I’m now able to inspire others with my story. I got a message recently from a friend who told me that I inspired her to try 310 Shakes and now she is losing weight with them too! And I drove out of state to give my mom and sister some shakes to try!

It feels so great to be in the place where I am now, helping others achieve and conquer their goals. It all starts with your own desire and willpower to get better. But you absolutely CAN do it! Just believe in that and before you know it, you’ll be reading your own success story.

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The 310 Nutrition Community was an important, motivational aspect of Nikki’s journey. Join the community and gain invaluable support as you push towards your goals.

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