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Pina Colada Smoothie

Transport yourself to a tropical island with every blissful sip with this fruity and delicious Pina Colada Smoothie! Featuring NEW Tropical Coconut All-In-One Shake, it’s packed full of nutrition and flavor for a quick and simple meal, snack, dessert, or mocktail. Bring island-level excitement to every day! 

Pina Colada Smoothie Recipe

Anyone else dreaming about sandy white beaches and palm trees? I know I’m definitely ready for an island getaway, but in the meantime, this Pina Colada Smoothie brings the tropics to my kitchen! 

Full of bold, tropical fruity flavor, this sweet and creamy smoothie is a delicious treat to enjoy any time of day. You may not be able to fit in a full vacation, but you’ll definitely have time for this yummy and nutritious drink that can be blended up in minutes.

I use pineapple and new Tropical Coconut Shake not only for the perfect Pina Colada flavor, but also to pack this smoothie with plant-based proteins, fiber, and vitamin C. Additionally, pineapples are full of enzymes that may help ease digestion and bloating, which is a great way to help relieve discomfort after a heavy meal.

With 17g of protein and 10g of heart-healthy fats, this smoothie is a beautifully-balanced drink that will keep you full while deeply satisfying your sweet tooth.

Keep reading for tips and tricks on how you can recreate this smoothie at home...

What You Need to Make this Smoothie

The ingredients I use in this smoothie are 310 Tropical Coconut, unsweetened coconut milk, frozen pineapple, banana, unsweetened coconut flakes, and ice. You can also add a splash of vanilla extract for more flavor, if desired.

310 Tropical Coconut

Tropical Coconut Shake

There’s no need for artificial flavors or sugary syrups when you have new 310 Tropical Coconut. Just one scoop of this flavorful meal replacement shake is all you need to add a sweet and creamy, fruity coconut flavor to any recipe.

Sweetened with Stevia, 310 Tropical Coconut is keto-friendly and low-carb to support your weight loss goals. It’s also free from dairy, soy, gluten, nuts, and GMOs, which is why it’s my top recommendation for friends and family. Loaded with a plethora of essential nutrients, 310 Shake is a simple and quick way to supplement your health.

Here are more standout qualities of 310 Tropical Coconut, (as well as all 310 All-In-One Shakes):

  • 26 essential vitamins and minerals to help bolster your health, help avoid nutrient deficiencies, and support energy and vitality
  • 100 billion CFU of probiotics to support gut health and weight loss
  • Digestive enzymes for proper nutrient absorption
  • A blend of plant-based superfoods including a fiber-blend
  • Even creamier texture and more mouthwatering taste
  • An exciting array of flavors, good enough to be dessert
  • Adaptogen blend featuring key mushrooms & herbs for mind & body wellness

Ways to “Shake Up” this Smoothie

This recipe mimics a basic Pina Colada taste, but you can always switch it up by incorporating some of these alternative ingredients, if desired…

  • Plain Greek yogurt or 310 Collagen for more protein
  • Spinach or kale to sneak in leafy greens
  • Coconut water instead of coconut milk for a lighter taste
  • Mango instead of banana

How to Make this Smoothie

To make this smoothie, combine all your ingredients into a blender and gradually blend from a medium-to-high setting until completely smooth. After you reach a creamy consistency, pour your finished drink into a glass or shaker cup and enjoy your healthy mocktail!


  • 1 scoop 310 Tropical Coconut 
  • 1 cup unsweetened coconut milk
  • 1/3 cup frozen pineapple
  • 1/2 small banana
  • 1 tbsp dried coconut flakes, unsweetened
  • 1/2 cup ice


  1. Combine ingredients in a blender and blend until completely smooth.
  2. Serve and enjoy!


  • 260 calories
  • 27g carbs
  • 19g net carbs
  • 8g fiber
  • 10g fat
  • 17g protein

What's your favorite shake recipe using 310 Tropical CoconutLet us know in the comments below for a chance to be featured on our blog! 

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In This Recipe

Written by:

Sierra Rodriguez

310 Nutrition - Nutritionist & Health Coach

Sierra Rodriguez is a Nutritionist and Health Coach for 310 Nutrition helping to educate and motivate individuals to live their best, healthiest lives. She graduated with a Bachelors of Nutrition Sciences from the University of Nevada Las Vegas and continues her studies pursuing her BSN, RN at Roseman University. Sierra [...]

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