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8 Amazing Ted Talks To Boost Confidence & Inspire Weight Loss


At 310 Nutrition, our main desire is to help you achieve joy, vitality and lasting wellness – one step at a time. We believe that healthy weight loss is the sum of small changes that gradually turn into major life transformations. And we supply the tools to help you make this all possible. 

As many of our 310 weight loss success stories will show you, it’s often extremely challenging to believe that “Yes, YOU can!” and “Yes, YOU’RE worth it!” Which is why we’ve curated a list of 8 phenomenal TED Talks to help boost your confidence and inspire weight loss and your healthiest life.

If you’re unfamiliar with TED, it’s a non-profit organization that shares talks by authoritative speakers from around the world, each in their respective fields. Every talk is 20 minutes or less (many around 10 minutes), so you can easily fit them into any schedule. You can learn more about TED here. Otherwise, cut straight to our favorite inspiring and memorable talks below!


1) 'What Reality are you Creating for Yourself?' by Isaac Lidsky


Key point: How to have “true vision” beyond what you think you see.

In a surprising and moving speech, Isaac Lidsky takes the cap off your bottled up excuses, helping you move from fear-based thinking to an enlightened, powerful existence. Sharing his own circumstances regarding his lack of true vision – and the science behind people’s sight – he describes the peace that comes from an undistorted view of the world. In this view, everything is the way you create it – a stark contrast to being a slave to what you think you know (and see).


2) 'Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are' by Amy Cuddy



Key point: By understanding the dynamics of body language you can “fake it until you become it”. 

Social psychologist, Amy Cuddy, shares incredible insight from her intensive research about body language and how it can either entrap or free you. Remarkably, she presents the idea that you could be defining your own reality by the way you present yourself. And how even if you don’t “feel” confidant, you can actually “fake it” into being by learning some simple tactics – that may even change the quality and direction of your life.


3) 'How to Live Passionately - No Matter Your Age' by Isabel Allende

 Key point: Having the right mindset and values can keep you vibrant past your years.

Sharing earned wisdom and truth, 71-year-old Isabel Allende discusses her perspective on a life well-lived – using candor and humor. She describes the realities and fears that everyone will face as they age, and how to rise above them in your mind. Showing examples of those who have made big impacts in advanced age, she opens up about how she chooses to live with passion and zest – despite a few wrinkles.

4) 'Why You Should Define Your Fears Instead of Your Goals' by Tim Ferris

Key point: Put your fears under a microscope to determine what’s holding you back from living.

Fear is paralyzing, and for some it can even be dangerous. Are your fears holding you back from living the life you desire or deserve? In this powerful video, well-known author, Tim Ferris, shares his personal experience with fear, delivering a moving antidote of how he overcame unthinkable struggles in his life. You can apply his simple wisdom to your own problems with a straightforward approach he swears by, called “fear-setting”.

5) 'Success, Failure and the Drive to Keep Creating' by Elizabeth Gilbert

Key point: How to find drive and purpose by defining your “home” and true values.

“Eat, Pray, Love” author, Elizabeth Gilbert, discusses her experience with what she considers two sides of the same coin: great failure followed by great success. She describes the insecurity and lack of drive that strangely can come with both circumstances. And she offers a take-home message that your ultimate motivation needs to come from a much deeper place than outcomes or rewards. Regardless of whether you succeed or fail, you need to keep moving forward towards your values – the true driver of your ultimate peace and happiness.

6) 'A Simple Way to Break a Bad Habit' by Judson Brewer

Key point: How to use mindfulness therapy and curiosity to fight bad habits.

Stuck in a cycle that you fully recognize is addiction, yet feel powerless to stop it? Psychiatrist and addiction expert, Judson Brewer, walks you through the science behind how your mind can  trick you into patterns of self-destruction – and how to break the chains. The next time you find yourself doing something you’ve tried to stop a million times, the simple message in this video may help you finally move away from it for good. In addition, this Ted Talk may help with issues like quitting smoking and weight loss.


7) 'Healing Through Diet' by Dean Ornish

Key point: The body has the ability to heal itself; It just needs the right tools and support.

In this Ted Talk, a leading export on fighting illness, Dean Ornish, discusses simple lifestyle changes (like good diet and exercise) that can drastically improve your wellbeing – and potentially increase the length of your life. He shares current data on heart disease, and miraculous cases of healing after adopting new dietary and lifestyle habits – offering a lifeline and hope for anyone who thinks they’re doomed by their health problems. Most importantly, he shares the message that it’s never too late to turn the channel to a more vibrant life.

8) 'How to Live to Be 100+' by Dan Buettner


Key point: Learn the secrets of communities around the world with many 100+ residents, living happily and gracefully.

In this insightful talk, National Geographic writer and explorer, Dan Buettner, shares his findings on “Blue Zones” throughout the world – or places where groups of people regularly live past 100 years old. He delves into the dietary and lifestyle habits of these communities, explaining why he believes their life expectancy rate is far beyond the norm. Finally, he explains what you can do to start mimicking these people – potentially adding more years to your life, and life to your years


Did these Ted Talks help boost your confidence and desire to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle? Tell us about your favorite talk in the comments, below. 

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