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Make Carbs Count Less: Introducing NEW 310 Carb Blocker

On the journey to reaching your goal weight and becoming a healthier version of yourself, we know that sometimes you could use a little help staying on track with your daily calories and crossing the finish line. Though we absolutely recommend a nourishing, wholesome diet along with healthy lifestyle habits as the path to long-term success, on a day-to-day basis, we know that life happens, and it’s unrealistic to think that you can eat perfectly all of the time.

It also helps to have balance in your diet so that you don’t feel deprived, which is why we’ve developed solutions that can help you satisfy your appetite and your desires, while also keeping you on track with your goals.

Our latest solution that we created exactly with this balance in mind is called the 310 Carb Catcherwhich is known as a “carb blocker” – and we’ll tell you all about it in this article!

Have you heard about “carb blocking supplements”? If not, that’s okay! We’re going to explain all about them in this article, including what they are, how to use them, how they can potentially help you with your goals, and how they fit into your overall healthy dietary plan. Let’s go!

Carb Blocker 101 – What’s a Carb Blocker?

Whether you’re following a low-carb diet or not, “carb blocking” supplements are becoming increasingly popular to assist with weight loss and help you stick with your chosen dietary plan.

Carb Blocker pills are a convenient, easy-to-use supplement that you take before a meal to render the carbs “indigestible”, basically meaning that they don’t count towards your daily calorie goals. They also don’t increase blood sugar like carbs normally would, keeping your levels in balance. (1)

While many people use them in coordination with a keto or low-carb diet, they are also meant for anyone who is trying to slim down and could use some help moving the numbers on the scale.

In addition, once you reach your goal weight, they’re also a great “tool” to help you keep up with your new healthy figure and maintain your current weight.

More In-Depth: How Do Carb Blockers Work? 

Let’s dig in a bit more into how these carb blockers – also known as starch blockers – work within your body.

First off, you may be surprised to know that the main active ingredient in carb blocking supplements comes from a food you’re already familiar with… white kidney beans!

Besides being a staple in many soups and stews, these beans actually possess special compounds (called alpha-amylase inhibitors), which literally help block the enzymes within your body necessary to digest certain carbs you eat! (2)

You can look at these compounds like the defense on your favorite sports team. By blocking the enzymes needed for proper digestion, the carbs don’t get broken down and absorbed in the small intestine as usual. Instead, they pass into the large intestine mostly unchanged!

What does this mean? It means that these particular carbs, when consumed while the carb blocking supplement is at work within your body, should not contribute any calories or raise blood sugar. (3)

And this is an amazing help for you as you climb towards your goals of weight loss, healthy eating, and your healthiest figure.

Will Carb Blockers Work For ALL Carbs?

carb blocker

If you’re reading this thinking, wow, this is a great way to eat all the cookies, ice cream, chips, and other sugary, salty, or processed foods you want without them “counting”, hold on a second!

Taking a carb blocking supplement like the 310 Carb Catcher is definitely not an excuse to regularly veer from your healthy whole foods diet.

In fact, the only carbs that carb blocking supplements block are complex carbs, not simple carbs.

So, what’s the difference between a complex and a simple carb? To put it bluntly, complex carbs are typically healthy for you, and simple carbs typically aren’t – with some exceptions.

Some examples of complex carbs include whole wheat and whole grains like oats, quinoa, barley and brown rice (and products made from these like breads and pastas). In addition, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds all contain complex carbs. (4)

In contrast, simple carbs include mostly refined, ultra-processed carbs like sugary drinks, desserts like donuts, cakes and cookies, ice cream, candy, white bread and white pastas.

Even though complex carbs are therefore the “good for you” option, they can still be calorie-dense. Therefore, if you’re following a low-carb diet or keto diet, or simply trying to lose weight and could use a little help, this is where a carb blocking supplement is a fantastic option.

When to Take a Carb-Blocking Supplement

Let’s dig a little deeper! Deciding if taking a carb blocking supplement is right for you? Here are some specific circumstances in which taking this type of supplement is highly beneficial: 

  • As a daily weight loss supplement to assist with your goals
  • When life’s extra busy and your normal meal plan isn’t a possibility
  • When you’re traveling and know it will be hard to stick to your typical diet
  • To have on hand whenever you end up having a higher carb meal than you planned
  • For special occasions and other circumstances where you want to indulge
  • If you’re on a keto or low-carb diet but end up having a high-carb meal or snack

Get Rid of the “All or Nothing” Mentality

does carb blocker work

The main thing that you can accomplish with a carb blocking supplement is reversing the thinking that because you “fell off” your normal meal plan for one day, or one week, or one month, you’ll just call it quits. Because the bottom line is that life happens… often.

Taking advantage of a high-quality carb blocking supplement is a way to stay on track amidst the normal ups and downs of life.

Best Carb Blocking Supplements – What To Look For

As mentioned, the most important active ingredient in carb blocker supplements is the white kidney bean extract, which contains the compounds that help block the enzymes that digest carbs.

But beyond that, different supplements contain different ingredients, so the benefits of each are unique to the ingredient profile and label for each.

Let’s dig into two more ingredients that we believe are highly beneficial in the best carb blocking supplements…

Banaba Leaf Extract for Balanced Blood Sugar Levels

These leaves offer many potential health benefits for those with diabetes, along with cholesterol-lowering and weight management benefits. In addition, banaba leaves are high in immune-supporting antioxidants.

Banaba leaves are most known for helping to keep blood sugar levels under control, which is why they are so helpful for diabetics. The leaves contain several compounds – one of which is called corosolic acid. This helps naturally lower blood sugar levels and increase insulin sensitivity to ensure the body responds properly to insulin, and helps prevent glucose build-up in the blood (which can lead to diabetes). (5, 6)

In addition, the compound helps inhibit alpha-glucosidase, an enzyme that helps digest carbs, helping to keep blood sugar levels stable.

White Mulberry Extract for Immune & Cholesterol Support

Next, white mulberry extract is also very helpful for keeping blood sugar balanced and under control. It does this by slowing the breakdown of sugar in the stomach so that it has a slower absorption into the blood. (7, 8)

In addition, just like banaba leaves, this tree extract is also helpful for lowering cholesterol levels and correcting high blood pressure. And it contains many vitamins and minerals – including zinc, iron, and calcium – that may help combat the common cold.

310 Carb Catcher: A Multi-Benefit Carb Blocker

carb blocker pills

Now that you know all about the benefits of carb blocking supplements, we want to tell you more about the 310 Carb Catcher! We specifically developed this supplement to help you get ahead with your health and weight loss goals.

It’s part of our family of weight loss solution supplements – also including 310 Thin and 310 Metaboost, that are designed to help boost your energy, keep your appetite under control, and make your weight loss goals more attainable amidst a busy schedule and the regular happenings of life.

What are the benefits of the 310 Carb Catcher?

  • Helps block the absorption of complex carbs, minimizing the calories from those carbs, assisting with weight loss
  • Enhances digestion when eating complex carbs, for less potential digestive problems
  • Helps keep blood sugar levels stable
  • Can help you maintain a low-carb or keto diet easier with its carb-blocking potential
  • Supports balanced cholesterol and blood pressure levels
  • Helps boost immunity and fend off the common cold

Using the 310 Carb Catcher is easy… just take 2 capsules roughly 10 minutes before your largest high-carb meal of the day. It’s that simple!

The 310 Carb Catcher is the perfect daily supplement to help you reach your goals, and can also be used to keep on hand whenever you veer off your diet and eat a larger carb-filled meal than you planned.

Learn about all of our unique weight loss solutions, and stay tuned for more articles on the latest products to support your healthy lifestyle and weight loss goals.



Written by:

Dana Gates

310 Nutrition Senior Writer

Dana Gates is a seasoned writer and researcher with over a decade of experience writing about all things health and wellness. Through her articles, she aims to inspire others to live their best, healthiest, and most active lives–by making wise lifestyle and dietary choices daily. Her ultimate goal at 310 [...]

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