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Why It's Time to Ditch Plastic Straws for Silicone Straws

Plastic straws have been around since the early 1800’s… But with the (much more recent) creation of environmentally friendly reusable straws, it’s obvious that they’re becoming a thing of the past… 

And as plastic straws become outdated, we’re starting to realize that not all straws are created equal. 

Because Silicone straws are better in almost every single way!!

Why It’s Time To Ditch The Plastic Straws…

An Environmental Disaster:

Did you know it’s estimated that at least 100,000 marine mammals die every year as a result of plastic debris?

And it’s not only our ocean dwelling friends that are affected! 

Plastic straws aren’t biodegradable, or recyclable, so they’re dumped into landfills to pollute the environment for years to come... 

They’re Extremely Limited: 

When’s the last time you washed & reused a plastic straw? Or used one for your mug of cold water, or hot coffee?


Plastic straws are pretty much limited to one use. And with the lack of versatility (+ the money it costs to keep buying them). They never stood a chance when compared to the new straws on the block...

Silicone Straws Are The Future Of Sipping:

4 Benefits of Silicone Straws:

1) Eco-Friendly - Keeping as much plastic out of the environment as possible is in everyone’s best interest! And Silicone Straws can even be recycled after they’ve exhausted their long life span!

2) Reusable - Unlike plastic straws that cost money to keep buying... You can buy silicone straws once and use them for a lifetime! (If you treat them with care).

3) Easy to Clean - Silicone Straws are dishwasher safe. And to make sure they stay extra clean, you can even use the small cleaning brush (that comes with them) to quickly clean the inside of the straws!

4) Non-Toxic - Plastic straws can carry BPA or other nasty toxins that can pollute your drink! But this problem doesn’t exist with easily cleanable Silicone Straws.

It’s not hard to see why it’s silicone straws beat plastic straws any day of the week… And with our NEW 310 Silicone Straws, you can have the ultimate sipping experience!!

Bendable, eco-friendly, and perfectly portable (with a convenient carry bag). 310 Silicone Straws are built to swan-dive perfectly into your shaker cups...

And with a zero-effort cleaning device for reuse, you’ll never need to buy a plastic straw again!


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