Andrew Ossa

310 Nutrition - Nutritionist & Health Coach

Andrew is a dedicated professional, serving as a Registered Dietitian
(RD), Renal Dietitian, Certified Nutrition Coach, and Personal Trainer.
With expertise in guiding individuals dealing with diabetes, kidney
disease, and weight loss, Andrew focuses on helping people make
informed nutrition choices and adopt healthier lifestyles. His role
involves offering valuable guidance on nutrition-related behaviors to
optimize health and enhance performance.

Andrew proudly represents his first-generation, Bilingual Latino
heritage, rooted in Mexican and Colombian traditions. He
passionately engages with his community, empowering individuals to
take control of their health, nutrition, and fitness journeys. Andrew
firmly believes that empowering people with knowledge, guidance,
and support leads to transformative changes in their lives. He is
committed to helping patients and clients optimize their health and
manage chronic diseases through a holistic and inclusive approach.

In his leisure time, Andrew finds joy in activities like swimming,
weightlifting, and immersing himself in the world of science fiction
literature while savoring a cup of rich, dark roast coffee. Viva Latino

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