How to Use the 310 Starter Kit

All About 310 Starter + Premium Starter Kits

Ready to begin your journey to a brand new, healthier lifestyle, and NEW YOU using 310 products?! The best part is, this path is one that you can travel on continually since it’s not a diet, but a lifestyle transformation. Once you make the switch to healthier habits, you’ll likely decide to stick with them since you’ll have MORE energy and look and feel better than you ever have before! 

310 is here to walk beside you on this new journey every step of the way and our Starter Kit is designed to help you try some of our most popular products to assist with clean eating and weight loss on a busy schedule. 

Which 310 Starter Kit Should I Get?

First, it’s important to note that there are two different kit types… the regular Starter Kit and the Premium Kit. Here is what makes each of those kits stand out:

310 Starter Kit:

Price: Just $9.00

What You Get: 

  • 3 servings of 310 Shakes
  • 1 serving of 310 Lemonade
  • 1 serving of 310 Greens 
  • 3 servings of 310 Tea 
  • $10 Gift Card
  • Appointment with a 310 Health Coach 
  • Shake it Off Guide E-Book 

What It’s Good For: 

  • Trying 310 products to pick your favorites 
  • Motivation to begin! 
  • Starting with the Essentials 
  • 310 Premium Kit:

    Price: Just $49.00 

    What You Get:

  • 17 servings of 310 Shakes
  • 1 serving of 310 Lemonade
  • 1 serving of 310 Greens 
  • 3 servings of 310 Tea 
  • $10 Gift Card
  • Appointment with a 310 Health Coach 
  • Shake it Off Guide E-Book 
  • 30 Days of 310 Shakes Recipe E-Book
  • What It’s Good For: 

  • Trying 310 products for a longer time period 
  • Giving your journey an amazing kickstart 
  • Really getting into your new healthy lifestyle groove 
  • Faster results 

    How to Use Your 310 Starter Kit:

    Let’s take a closer look at what’s included in the 310 Starter Kit and the best way for you to utilize it, below!

    310 Shakes 

    Our signature 310 product, these meal replacement shakes are designed to satisfy and nourish, with well-balanced nutrition that’s suitable in place of a normal meal, snack, or healthy dessert. 

    As part of a continuous healthy lifestyle plan, we recommend that you replace 2 meals per day with a 310 Shake for weight loss, and 1 meal per day for weight maintenance. Use the 3 shake servings provided in this Starter Kit to try different shake flavors, and see how they mix with other ingredients in shake recipes, plus how you feel after drinking them. 

    How to make 310 Shake

    Mix up your shake in seconds in the included 310 Shaker Cup by adding 1 serving packet into the Shaker, followed by 8-12 ounces of water or your milk of choice. For the ultimate in creaminess, you can also blend up your shake for 30 seconds in a blender (and ice if you like it colder and for a thicker consistency). 

    You can also try one of the many 310 Shake recipes we offer on the 310 Nutrition site, and even filter it by the shake flavor that you want to use at the top of the page. 

    310 Tea 


    Next, 310 Tea blends contain gently cleansing herbs, and come in 3 super delicious flavors to satisfy your appetite and help you slim down. In the 310 Starter Kit, you get 3 servings of 310 Hibiscus Tea, which has a bold and slightly tangy, brilliantly delicious flavor. 

    As part of your continuous healthy lifestyle plan, you can enjoy 310 Tea hot or iced, and also use it for a full body cleanse by drinking 3-6 cups per day for 14 days. As part of a healthy lifestyle, enjoy 310 Tea daily. 

    Here are some ways you can use the teas to assist with your weight loss goals:

    • In place of your morning cup of coffee, to energize your day with less caffeine 
    • After a meal to assist with digestion
    • Before a meal to help control appetite
    • In between meals in place of unhealthy snacks 
    • To help crush cravings for sugar 
    • Before or after a workout for an energy boost 
    • As a nighttime ritual, to help reduce nightly snacking

    How to make 310 Tea

    Add 1 sachet of 310 Tea into a cup of hot water. Let steep for 5-10 minutes, then remove the tea bag and enjoy. For iced tea, add the brewed tea over a glass or mug full of ice. 

    310 Lemonade 


    Next, 310 Lemonades are deliciously fruity and refreshing, while helping to balance your body and support your weight loss goals. This Starter Kit comes with 1 serving of 310 Lemonade so you can try it out. 

    As part of a healthy lifestyle and weight loss plan, 310 Lemonades can be enjoyed:

    • In place of sugary drinks throughout your day 
    • As a low-calorie, delicious beverage 
    • To help alkalize your body with electrolyte minerals 
    • To support a healthy metabolism with green tea extract 
    • To help burn more fat & calories (when combined with a low calorie diet & exercise) 
    • To help satisfy your sweet tooth & cravings 

    How to make 310 Lemonade

    Add 1 packet of 310 Lemonade into a glass or Shaker Cup with 12-16 oz. of liquid. Mix or shake and enjoy! You can also combine with iced 310 Teas and other ingredients to make delicious slushee and other recipes. 

    310 Greens  

    Next, 310 Berry Greens is a superfood mix of over 70 highly-nutritious fruits, veggies, digestive enzymes, probiotics, and more. It’s a way to ensure you get the servings of fruits & veggies you need on a busy schedule! Plus, unlike other greens powders, ours tastes like real berries and has no sugar or artificial ingredients. 

    Enjoy 310 Berry Greens daily to support overall wellness and vitality, immune, digestive and gut health. You can also do a juice cleanse by drinking 2-3 servings of the juice daily for 7-10 days. This Starter Kit comes with 1 serving of the berry greens so you can try it. 

    How to make 310 Greens

    Add your single serving of 310 Berry Greens into a glass or your 310 Shaker Cup with 8-12 ounces of water and mix or shake. Or, you can add the serving into your blender with 310 Shake and other healthy ingredients to make a smoothie. 

    Shake It Off Guide 

    This guide book has all the advice you need to start your journey, including tips and tricks for how and what to eat, portion control, meal prep, fitting in exercise and more. It’s the perfect guide on how to begin your lifestyle transformation and set yourself up for success! 

    Appointment with a 310 Health Coach 

    You’ll also get a free appointment with one of our 310 Health Coaches, that can help set you up on a personalized path to success by identifying your individual goals and how to reach them. They can also help you identify a daily calorie goal, offer tips and tricks for success, and point out the best 310 products for you based on your goals. And, you can also ask them all of your questions about beginning your journey. 

    $10 Gift Card 

    Finally, the included $10 gift card with your Starter Kit can be used for your next steps! Since you only get 1-3 servings of each product with this beginner kit, you will want to place an order again as soon as possible so you have everything you need to continue with your journey and get on a daily schedule for success. 

    How to Use Your 310 Premium Kit:

    Now that we’ve outlined what’s included in the Starter Kit (above) let’s take a look at how you can streamline your success even more if you choose the Premium Kit…

    More Shake Servings

    As mentioned, whereas you only get 3 servings of 310 Shake in the beginner’s Starter Kit, you get 14 more servings of shake in this Premium Kit! That’s an incredible deal, especially when you consider everything else included in your kit. 

    With 17 shake servings total, you can continue on with your plan of replacing 2 meals per day with shakes to support your weight loss goals, and do that for a little over a week until they run out. You also have more time to place your bigger 310 order, so you aren’t left with a time gap in between your starter kit supplies – so you have a clean transfer and no break in your new healthy lifestyle plan and schedule. 

    30 Days of Totally Delicious Shake Recipes 

    In addition to more shake servings, you also get another e-book included with the premium kit, to go along with having more shakes. You get an e-book with 30 amazingly delicious recipes, offering tons of flavor ideas! And since you have more shake servings to experiment with, you can try different recipes to get a feel for what you like best. Essentially, it can help you get off the ground running and find your new favorite recipes pronto. 

    What To Do Next:

    After getting your Starter Kit or Premium Starter Kit, there are some next steps you should take:

  • Join the 310 Community on Facebook
  • Get the accountability, support, and resources you need with our unmatched, closed community of over 400,000 members. Ask questions, post photos, get meal ideas, speak to 310 Nutritionists, and learn from others on their own journey’s. You aren’t alone – get connected with your 310 family today!

  • Download the “My 310” App on your phone 
  • Organize your healthy lifestyle journey all in one place on your mobile device. From this app, you can connect with others in the 310 Community, see recipe ideas, connect with a health coach, join challenges and see upcoming events, shop and get exclusive deals. It’s one location to organize everything 310! 

  • Ask questions / Set up your 310 Health Coach appointment
  • As mentioned, also included in your 310 Starter Kit and Premium Starter Kits are a free appointment with a 310 Health Coach… and you can also access them pronto in the 310 Nutrition FB Community and also on the 310 App. We highly recommend you take advantage of this connection ASAP, as one of our qualified coaches can help set you off on the right path to success for you! 

  • Place your next 310 order and use your $10 Gift Card
  • Finally, make sure you set up your next 310 order with full-sized bags of shakes so that you can continue your program of replacing 2 meals per day with shakes seamlessly. We also suggest that you explore our variety of additional healthy lifestyle products to assist with your journey and help you live your best, healthiest, most vibrant life! 

    Have more questions?! Our customer service team is always standing by ready to assist you, or feel free to ask your inquiries in the 310 Community and on the 310 App. Welcome to the 310 Family and congratulations on making the first step in a healthier, BRAND NEW YOU!