310 Nutrition Starter Kit Instructions


Congratulations on receiving your 310 Starter Kit! You’re on your way to finding weight loss success and becoming the BEST, healthiest version of yourself!

1: Watch the Starter Kit Video.

2: Try all the products, find your favorite, and use your $10 code before it expires.

3: Join the 310 Community.

  • Change works better when you have support.
  • Get tips and tricks to help you stay on track.
  • Engage with other real 310 users - ask questions and swap recipes.
  • Search for answers using the search bar right on the page.
  • Get access to 310 nutritionists.

4: Take a before picture. Once the weight drops off you'll want remember where you started. Feel free to share it with the community!

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Find out how 310 helped them on their weight loss journeys!

Amanda Braun

Lost 70 lbs.

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Karen Marchione

Lost 60 lbs.

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Porter Brandt

Lost 36.5 lbs.

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No longer do you have to deprive yourself and feel hungry all the time the way you have with all the other diets you’ve tried.

  • Scientifically designed with specific amounts of key proteins, nutrients, and probiotics to optimize your health efforts.
  • Replace 1-2 meals a day and still feel full & satisfied.

Instructions: Put entire packet into water or almond milk and mix. We highly recommend adding some bananas or other fruits and using a blender to help mix your shake. Replace 1-2 meals per day with the 310 Shake.

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310 TEA

Morning, afternoon, evening, night…every time is a great time for a warm, satisfying cup of tea, or a cold and refreshing glass of iced tea! These teas contain herbal ingredients that help support a healthy metabolism and your weight loss efforts.

  • Contains herbs and whole food ingredients proven to help gently cleanse the body and support weight loss*
  • Featuring antioxidant-packed green, oolong and additional teas to help boost energy and metabolism*
  • With rooibos and yerba mate to help control appetite and promote a feeling of fullness*

Instructions: Put sachet of the tea into hot water for 2-3 minutes, then remove sachet.

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310 Juice offers an easy way to get high-quality nutrients like probiotics, fiber and digestive enzymes, in just one glass. It will also help you reach your daily fruit and vegetable intake, which offers antioxidants such as lycopene and Anthocyanins.

  • Vital support for healthy bodily processes.
  • Heart, prostate, eye, and cardiovascular health.
  • Fuel your body with energy for a great day.

Instructions: Put entire packet into water or natural juice. Mix with shaker cup.

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Hydration and pH balance of your body are two of the most overlooked keys to weight loss.

  • Equalize pH for easier weight loss.
  • Includes Greenselect, an amazing, clinically proven ingredient that increases ones metabolism.
  • Keep hydrated.
  • Reduce sugar cravings.

Instructions: Mix entire packet into cold water and shake. Drink once per day.

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Check out just a few of the celebrities that use 310!



Jacqueline Wood


Hannah Rathbun



With 310, the testimonials just keep coming in!

Elizabeth Perrin

Lost 72 lbs.

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Pam Joyce

Lost 100 lbs.

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Alexandra Knabe

Lost 75 lbs.

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