310 Food Scale

All-Purpose Food Scale

310 Food Scale

All-Purpose Food Scale

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Don’t guestimate how much you’re eating and hope to maintain a healthy weight. Simply use the 310 Food scale to take charge of your portions—and your results.

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Ways to Use This Scale:

1. Making Foods From Scratch

Cooking up new vegetables, lean meats and grains is a great way to eat clean without all the chemicals and preservatives that often come in pre-packaged foods. Instead of accidentally indulging on a whole box of your favorite grains, measure it with your scale to see what a healthy portion should look like before you cook it—or eat it. Remember to consider whether the nutritional information you’re using is based on the cooked or raw version of the food and measure it accordingly.


2. Prepping Food

Instead of cooking every night, save yourself time by, once a week or every few days, weighing your veggies, grains (even uncooked) and meats. Make your life even easier by making “meal packs.” For example, put a measured container of veggies in a bag with a container of measured meat and another container of grains so when you’re ready to eat, everything is pre-measured and ready.


3. Counting Calories

We’ve all been there: “It says 190 calories for 1 serving, but you end up eating about 3/4s of the whole bag… so it’s probably more like 600 calories, right? Or was it 900?” 

Instead of guessing, use your scale and calculate calories more accurately.

Keep in mind:

1 gram of fat = 9 calories
1 gram of carbs = 4 calories
1 gram of protein = 4 calories


If you had 10 grams of sweet potatoes, for example, the total calorie count would be 40. While this method isn’t foolproof because most foods are made up of a variety of macronutrients, it’s a valuable way to stay in control of how much food you’re putting in your body.


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