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Donna McBride gives up unhealthy food and nourishes her body, losing 30 pounds, with 310 Nutrition!

The Turning Point...

Ever since I was a child, I had always struggled with my weight. I guess it’s because I LOVE sweets, mostly candy and cakes, but I could eat a whole bag of chips in one sitting. Oh, and French fries were my downfall!

Giving up unhealthy food was a big part of the struggle because if I did end up eating it, I would beat myself up mentally for it.

When I had to fight a serious illness, I was no longer able to work out–and the extra weight just stayed with me… At the time, it felt like a no-win situation.

The Change…

For me, it wasn’t just about losing weight. Because I was fighting my sickness and trying to get healthy, I realized I was missing a lot of crucial healthy vitamins in my diet.  

My ah-ha moment happened when I read the ingredients in 310 Shakes. I knew right then that 310 Nutrition would help me get all the nutrients my body needs to thrive, while helping me lose the weight. And that was most important to me.

Weight Loss Success!

With the nourishing 310 products, I was able to lose the weight I gained and I’m down 30 pounds in just a year. I’m now at 110 and I look forward to continuing to feed my body with the healthy nutrients 310 offers to get to my goal weight of a healthy 115.

I overcame that inner battle with myself over eating junk food with the 310 Shakes. I absolutely love them and they fill me up so the cravings for other food started diminishing and now they’re gone all together.

Some other magic non-scale victories were when my rings fell off because all the puffiness was gone, when my son came to visit me and literally picked me up in his arms, and donating all my old clothes and replacing them with beautiful new ones in a smaller size. Shopping spree! And that’s just a few. There have been so many moments of accomplishment and now I feel truly amazing.

Here’s how I lost the weight with 310 Nutrition and keep it going to this day: 

I was drinking 2 310 Shakes each day, one for breakfast and one for lunch with a healthy clean meal for dinner to lose the initial weight. Now, to maintain my healthy habits, I now drink one 310 Shake each day. Plus, I add all kinds of fun stuff to my shakes:  fruits and vegetables, 310 Peanut Butter Powder which tastes like yummy peanut butter without the high calories or sugar, chia and flax seeds plus unsweetened vanilla cashew milk. I make my shakes thick so they fill me up and I can drink them slower. I also take 310 Apple Cider Vinegar Pills which are great over the liquid because I find they don’t erode teeth or irritate the digestive tract, 310 Multi-Vitamin which is so much more than a multivitamin with a greens blend too and 310 Collagen for my joints and skin. I drink 310 Lemonade all day long to stay hydrated and quench cravings as well as the 310 Detox Tea to help my body rid itself of what it doesn’t need. My snacks consist of hard boiled eggs, hummus with vegetables, almonds, fruits and more easy and quick foods.

Plus 310 Nutrition helped me learn all about clean eating and to avoid anything processed. Eating real food tastes so much better.

Here’s my favorite new shake recipe you gotta try!

Salted Caramel 310 Shake with berries, banana, chia/flax seed mix, 310 Peanut Butter Powder, oatmeal, spinach and unsweetened vanilla cashew milk.

But I always have about 6 310 shake flavors on hand, too! I love them all so much.

Staying Motivated Through Community...

310 Facebook Community is everything. The support is just amazing and cannot be replaced. I have met some of my best friends through this supportive community.

My advice is to not give up. Don’t beat yourself up if you feel you had a bad day. We all have them. It’s part of life. It is what you do the next day that makes all the difference.

Ready to Try 310? 

Our 310 Try It All Kit gives you a chance to try an assortment of products and flavors to find your favorites before committing! It’s the perfect way to start your journey to ultimate health with 310.

This kit includes 6 delicious flavors of 310 Meal Replacement Shakes, green Juices with 70+ superfoods, alkalizing Lemonades with 0 sugar under 13 calories with Green Tea Phytosomes,  Detox Teas to help you rid your body of years of built up toxins and bloat, a Shaker Cup to make and take along your drinks, a book with easy-to-make healthy recipes,  a phone session with a health coach, and even a $10 gift card to 310!

It’s currently a steal-of-a-price at only $69.00! ($146.99 Value)  That’s over 50% off! You can do this!


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