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Try This Instead of Juicing Your Own Fruits & Veggies

The practice of juicing your own fruits and vegetables (or purchasing fresh juices from a local shop), has become more and more popular in recent years. Since fresh juice immediately floods your body with a rush of powerful vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, enzymes and more, it’s incredibly health-promoting. Utilizing the benefits of regular juicing can support increased radiance and youthfulness, enhanced vitality, stronger immunity, and many more potential benefits.

Although fresh juices bring such glowing health potential, they also require a lot of work and can become a hefty expense. If you’re new to the practice, you may not realize how much fresh produce it actually takes just to mix up one glass of fresh juice!

Plus, when it comes to either buying fresh produce or spending the money on juices from a local shop, a lot of the fiber and nutritious elements of the fruits and veggies get lost in the “pulp” of the juice, which is left behind after juicing.

A Yummy Juicing Alternative…

This is why at 310 we’ve developed a solution to help you take a “shortcut to juicing” – creating something that’s feasible for you to enjoy every day, that tastes awesome, and supports your health AND your weight loss goals.

All 310 Juices are designed to be mixed up in seconds, and we did all the heavy lifting for you – adding in a special mix of 70+ superfoods, vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, probiotics and more. We also left out the things you don’t want, like added sugar and artificial sweeteners.

And now we have a BRAND-NEW 310 Juice flavor…. Apple Banana Greens. If you’re a fan of our Mixed Berry Juice, you’re absolutely going to LOVE this flavor, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it…

What is 310 Apple Banana Greens Juice?

Life is busy, so we made an amazingly delicious shortcut to juicing your own fruits and veggies. 310 Apple Banana Greens is our second flavor in our lineup of 310 Greens Juice Powders (and hint hint, we’re even getting one more flavor, coming soon!)

Why 310 Apple Banana Greens?

1) Amazing Taste

While many other similar greens products taste pretty much the way green veggies usually taste, this one tastes like a fruity explosion of deliciousness. It’s the perfect amount of sweetness, from plant-based sweeteners only, with a touch of bold tartness. You can really taste the crisp, juicy apple and the creamy, smooth banana, along with a really yummy fruitiness. It’s unlike any other greens powder out there!

 2) Easy Nutrition for Busy Lifestyles & On-The-Go

This juice supplement is also a sure way to get your daily dose of fruits and veggies. It also gives you a variety of superfoods, which you may not currently be getting in your diet, especially if there are fruits or veggies you don’t typically eat. This juice powder is super easy to make and take on-the-go, whether that be in a shaker cup, on the road when you’re traveling, in an office meeting, or wherever you are!

3) Supports Weight Loss

Next, although regular juicing and other juice powders may all benefit health, not all of them are great for weight loss. Our convenient Apple Banana Greens is only 15 calories per serving, with NO sugar, only 4g of carbs, and lots of fiber to support satiety. Plus, a cleansed and energized body is better able to burn calories and fat more efficiently. 

 4) No Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners

Next, while fruits are an essential part of a healthy diet, they are also high in natural sugar, but with 310 Apple Banana Greens, you can reap the health and fiber benefits of many high-antioxidant fruits, without the sugar content. In addition, there is no added sugar or artificial sweeteners in this juice mix, which aren’t the best for your body.

 5) Low-Carbs (Good for Keto)

Another benefit of 310 Apple Banana Greens is that you can get in a plethora of nutrient-packed fruits and veggies that are typically high in carbs, without affecting ketosis. Since each serving of 310 Juice is just 4g of carbs, with 1g of net carbs, it fits perfectly into low-carb diets while supporting great digestion and gut health.  

 6) Great Smoothie Add-In

Not only does this super-yummy greens juice taste deliciously-fruity on its own, but it also adds an amazingly-yummy flavor to your 310 Shakes and smoothie recipes. Give a burst of apple-banana sweetness to any shake, especially those heavy in green veggies to sweeten up the taste. (Check out our new recipe utilizing 310 Apple Banana Greens at the end of this article)!

310 Apple Banana Greens Vs. Regular Juicing 

As mentioned earlier in this article, another major benefit of this new superfood juice is that it can save you the cost, time, and the hassle of juicing your own fruits and veggies.


How to Use 310 Apple Banana Greens (+ a Yummy Recipe!)

After all of this talk about how amazing 310 Apple Banana Greens are, you’re probably wondering how to use it and where to get it!

Mixing up a glass of 310 Apple Banana Greens is insanely easy… Just add 1 scoop to 8-12 fl. oz. of water or a shaker cup, and stir or shake.

You can also add a scoop into your blender with additional ingredients to give amazing flavor to your smoothies. And on that note, we highly recommend you try this DELICIOUS and seasonal Apple Banana Smoothie Recipe for an incredibly nutritious meal or dessert replacement any time of day!

We can’t wait to hear your feedback on new 310 Apple Banana Greens! Comment below once you’ve tried it and let us know how you love to enjoy your greens!


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