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Gym Essentials + YOGA

Get all the essentials plus 310 YOGA at Home, including yoga matt, yoga ball, and pump.

  • Core Sliders
  • Toning Bands
  • Jump Rope
  • Deluxe Gym Bag
  • Gym Towel
  • Yoga Mat
  • Yoga Ball

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Meet Your New Gym

Yoga Ball

Available in

Gym Essentials + YOGA

Change your daily workouts by adding a yoga ball with included hand pump for an inexcusable workout.

Yoga Mat

Available in

Gym Essentials + YOGA

Eco-friendly, non-slip 310 Yoga Mat is constructed to help you stabilize your balance while working out, as well as alleviate any pressure on your body.

Jump Rope

Perfect for cardio

This cardio staple features cushioned handles for extra grip & support that's light enough to continue swinging for long periods of time.

Core Sliders

Works on carpet & hardwood

Double sided for easy use on carpet or hardwood floors. Used to strengthen core, back hips, glutes & thighs.

Toning Bands

3 resistance levels

Great for building muscle all around, these resistance bands provide a steady stream of tension, ranging from light to heavy, for a personalized work-out.

Workout Towel

100% cotton

This athletic towel is conveniently thin while being super-absorbent, along with quick-drying and odor-free.

Carrying Bag

Fits all of your 310 Gym gear

The bag is perfect for men or women, and is large enough to fit all your workout gear: gym clothes, sneakers, exercise equipment, reusable water bottles and more.