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310 Metaboost

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One of our most popular supplements. Featuring 60 controlled release capsules in each bottle.

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NEW 310 Metaboost includes a researched combination of ingredients to increase your metabolism, helping you lose weight faster than with dieting and exercise alone.*

Eating healthy and staying active are key proponents to a vigorous health routine – but you may need an extra boost to maintain your long-term goals.

What’s the magic behind Metaboost?

A blend, known as Capsimax® Plus, has shown incredible potential for weight loss.

The secret ingredient is capsicum, also known as hot red pepper; the blend includes ingredients clinically proven to increase calories burned during and after exercise by 12x!*

Capsimax Plus includes Capsimax Capsicum Fruit Extract and performance-boosting agents caffeine and black pepper extract. The blend also has niacin (vitamin B-3), which helps convert food to energy.

Let’s take a closer look at one of the studies performed…

In a randomized, placebo-controlled study (the gold standard in research), people who took the Capsimax Plus an hour before exercising on a treadmill burned 3x more calories before, 3% more calories during, and 12x more calories for up to an hour after physical activity compared to those in the placebo group.

This increase in metabolism added up to a total of 278 more calories burned from beginning to end of exercise for those taking Capsimax Plus.


Taken 1hr before exercising on treadmill

Before exercise

Burned 3x more calories

During exercise

Burned 3% more calories

After exercise

12x more calories for an hour after


278 more calories burned before,
during & after exercise

So how does Capsimax Plus work its calorie-burning benefits without the hot red pepper extract burning your stomach?

The extract in the blend is micro-encapsulated using a patented OmniBead™ technology, which delivers effective levels of the active principles in the peppers while reducing internal irritation.


What else is in Metaboost?

The proprietary supplement blend also includes Chromax® chromium picolinate. Chromium is an essential nutrient (trace mineral) needed for normal body functions including the normal metabolism of carbohydrates, protein and fat.

Research shows that chromium can assist in controlling blood sugar levels, resulting in fat loss and a lighter appetite.*

Some double-blind, placebo-controlled experiments showed that when used with a healthy diet and exercise, supplementation of Chromax® helped reduce fat mass, increase lean body mass and contribute to weight loss.

The Wonders of Green Tea

Metaboost also includes green tea extract containing 90% polyphenols and 50% EGCG.

Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants that help terminate free radicals in your body, keeping you healthy.* They also may help support normal blood sugar levels and normal blood pressure amongst many other benefits.*

EGCG – epigallocatechin gallate, is a green tea catechin and powerful antioxidant.

Studies have shown that EGCG (combined with caffeine, also in Metaboost) may help to increase your metabolism more than just caffeine by itself.

With all this evidence, don’t wait to power up your weight loss program by adding Metaboost, for increased results.* Try this proven supplement to help with your weight loss efforts today.

*Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain healthy weight loss. For questions regarding use of any meal replacement product or supplement, consult your physician. In addition, always consult your physician before beginning any weight loss program because a change in diet or exercise may affect certain medical conditions or the use of medications. If you experience any difficulty with use of any 310 Nutrition product, stop and immediately consult your physician.


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