Complete Detox Kit

Complete Detox Kit

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With this thoroughly effective, advanced detox kit, you’ll experience total body cleansing like you’ve never witnessed before – helping to set the stage for your most successful weight loss. Some of the many rewards the kit will provide starting from day 1 of the cleanse include:

  • Flushes unwanted toxins and impurities from your body so you feel rejuvenated, energized & alive
  • Gets your body in the perfect state to drop pounds
  • Boosts your metabolism to increase fat-burning
  • Suppresses your appetite so you don’t reach for unhealthy foods
  • Increases your energy for daily tasks & weekly exercise
  • Boosts your daily nutrient intake
  • Promotes increased vitality & enhanced well-being
  • Instills a positive mood & mental state
  • Helps relieve & prevent bloating
  • Enhances your gut-health for optimal digestive & immune function
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It’s Prime Time for a Full Body Cleanse! Get the Ultimate Fast & Effective Solution with the All-New 310 Detox Bundle!

Why this powerful detox program is calling your name to make the necessary changes in your life right now…

You may not even realize that you’re walking around in a pretty toxic world. With environmental toxins almost everywhere, seeping into our bodies every day from the things we touch, eat, breathe, drink and come into contact with, it’s no wonder that we need an advanced detox system to kick our internal processes back into healthy gear. In short, our bodies need to be working optimally in order to fully support us in complete health and weight loss.

The 310 Detox Bundle is your ticket to effectively restoring the efficient way that your body works best in order to achieve your healthiest, slimmest self. The bundle contains proven, powerful products that all work together to remove unwanted toxins from your body and then replace them with the essential ingredients you need to conquer your health and weight loss goals.

In this way, this detox bundle REMOVES the harmful “bad” things in your body that are slowly chipping away at your health, sucking up all your energy, and making it very difficult to lose weight, and then gives you the vital ingredients you need to get the slim figure and enhanced wellness you’ve been seeking.

Here is how we suggest you utilize this powerhouse detox system each day for increased success:

  • Start your day with the 310 Detox Clay. This mixture is easy to make by just adding 3 tsps. of dry clay with water in your 310 Shaker Cup and shaking to combine. By having this powerfully cleansing clay drink first thing in the morning, you immediately flush unwanted toxins from your system that have built up in your body overnight, helping to boost your energy levels for the day.
  • Next, make yourself a 310 Shake for breakfast. With this detox bundle, you have four delicious flavors to choose from. Either enjoy your shake mixed with just water, or blend it into a smoothie with your favorite healthy ingredients such as fruits, veggies, nut butters and more. These amazingly delicious shakes will fill you up and give your body the optimal protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, superfoods and probiotics it needs to cleanse your system, boost your metabolism and speed up fat-burning.
  • Have your 310 Probiotic with your 310 Shake at breakfast. This advanced supplement is time-released and will provide benefits throughout the day. Giving your body this beneficial “gut-boosting” supplement daily will help restore your gut and immune health, setting the stage for weight loss. It will also work to keep your digestive system running properly, so your body’s natural detoxing processes work smoothly.
  • In place of a snack between breakfast and lunch, have another mixture of 310 Detox Clay and water in your 310 Shaker Cup. Because this clay is naturally filling since it expands in your body, it will satisfy your hunger even further and ensure you don’t reach for any unhealthy foods.
  • If your goal is to lose weight, then have another 310 Shake in place of a regular meal for lunch. What’s great about this shake is you can easily take some of the dry powder out with you on-the-go and add water. Just shake it up in your 310 Shaker cup, and lunch is served. For weight maintenance purposes, you can have a regular, healthy meal for lunch instead.
  • Between lunch and dinner, have a delicious cup of 310 Tea in original honey or peach flavor. This tea has a slightly sweet, light taste, and is only sweetened with a natural sugar substitute and natural flavors. This tea will work to suppress your appetite to help dodge the afternoon snack cravings, and tastes amazing both hot or cold. It’s a great way to unwind!
  • Have a healthy, balanced and wholesome meal for dinner that includes lean protein, lots of veggies and complex carbohydrates.
  • After dinner, feel free to have another cup or glass of 310 Tea. Although the tea does have a small amount of caffeine, it’s such a minimal amount that many people say they can take it close to bed time with no problems sleeping. This tea will help to calm and relax you, and suppress your appetite so you don’t go reaching for any late-night snacks.

The system above is a great way to use all of the 310 Detox Bundle products together, but keep in mind that it can be adjusted based on your individual needs and preferences. You can be sure that when using this system, your body and mind will be lifted and rejuvenated, and you’ll feel prepared to conquer your weight loss goals.