310 Gym Bum Builder Kit

310 Gym Bum Builder Kit

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310 Gym Bum Builder Kit / Tush Toner Kit

Ready to work your booty? We've put together a kit that will aid you in the moves that'll blast your buns.The key to a gravity-defying backside is introducing new exercises that tone every inch of your rear. These 3 pieces of equipment will help you target all the muscles in your glutes and hamstrings to give you a fitter, firmer butt.

When you buy the 310 Gym Bum Builder Kit/ Tush Toner Kit (a value of over $79), you get it for 50% off!

Here is what you get in the 310 Gym Bum Builder Set:

Set of 3 Flat Circular Resistance Bands, 310 Core Sliders, 310 Jump Rope, and a 310 Shaker Cup

Set of 3 Flat Circular Resistance Bands ($28.00 value)

Great for building muscle in your arms, legs, abs, and chest, these resistance bands provide a steady stream of tension, ranging from light to heavy, so you can personalize the intensity in your workouts. The science behind these bands is in their pliable nature, allowing you to efficiently work and stretch specific parts of your body for a lean, toned look.

(3) latex bands in 310 colors:  Light, Medium, and Heavy

310 Core Sliders ($24.00 value)

These ab wheels help make your fitness goals realities, making you work hard for rock solid, shredded, stronger abs!
There are many ways to use the 310 Gym Core Sliders. You can place both sliders underneath the feet and do mountain climbers, planks, and knee tucks.

310 Jump Rope ($17.00 value)

Great for cardio exercises, this jump rope will have you on a calorie burning craze. Features cushioned black and orange handles for extra support and light enough to continue swinging for long periods of time. Work every muscle by using this elementary favorite, with an adult edge.

PVC and foam jump rope with padded handles and plastic tubing (black and orange)

310 Shaker Cup ($9.99 value)

The 310 Shaker is perfect for making a quick shake when you're on the run, without having to use a blender. All you do is put one scoop of 310 Shake and 12 ounces of water or milk into your 310 Shaker, give it a shake, shake, shake - and it's ready to enjoy!