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Jacki tried EVERY diet – until she finally lost 40 pounds with the help of 310 Nutrition!

The Turning Point...        

I’m 36 years old and have been overweight—my whole life.

I work full time, have two children, but just never took the time to focus on what's best for myself. I tried so many diets over the years. But that was the problem—they were diets… temporary, unrealistic, diets. You name it, I probably tried it. They were just attempted shortcuts that couldn’t work because they weren’t sustainable. I just couldn’t stick with anything, and any successful weight loss I achieved came piling right back on.

The Change…

I finally reached a point where I was just really tired of the way I felt and looked. I knew I didn’t need just another diet. I needed a lifestyle change. One day, I saw an ad for 310 Nutrition on Facebook and decided to give it a try. I discovered that not only did I love the products, but the 310 Community has to be the most supportive group of people I have ever been a part of.


I have happily been on this journey with 310 for 6 months now. I have lost over 40 pounds so far and feel absolutely amazing! I started at 285 pounds and I’m 235 now. I still have a ways to go before I reach my goal of 190 but I know with 310 I can do it.

I remember when I reached my first goal of losing 30 pounds.  That was when I realized that this was something I could really stick to and have success with. I knew it wouldn't be just another failure where I would gain the weight back.

Being able to be more active with my children was a huge win for me. Fitting comfortably in stadium seating and on an airplane were bonuses. I no longer run out of holes in my belt to make it fit!

I’m on such a roll, I feel like I never want to quit! I am determined to continue my journey and reach my goals. I have so much more energy, I sleep better, and have an overall better quality of life thanks to 310.

Here’s how I got healthy with 310 Nutrition and keep it going to this day:

I am currently drinking one 310 Shake per day. Each morning I have a 310 Shake for breakfast. I use a variety shake flavors to keep it fun, fruit to blend with, the 310 Powdered Peanut Butter and almond milk. I love that I can transform the shakes into different flavors so I don't get tired of any one flavor. I change them up often. I love to make my shakes the night before and have them ready to go to work with me in the morning.

For snacks, I’ll have something whole and healthy like a piece of fruit.

For lunch, I’ll usually have a salad or just protein.  

The 310 Lemonade is my favorite to help me crush cravings in between meals and I drink one every afternoon when I start to think about eating again. It’s fun to try all the different flavors and they’re under 13 calories with 0 sugar! I love being able to add them to water on the go.

I am not a big tea drinker, but I also occasionally have a 310 Detox Tea in the afternoon, especially when I’m cold and want to cozy up to something warm.

For dinner, I have a family to cook for so I'll eat whatever protein I am serving, and a vegetable as a side.

Thanks to what I’ve learned about clean eating from 310 and the 310 Community, I have eliminated starches and reduced my carb intake. For example, I'll still eat a juicy burger once in a while but I simply skip the bun and watch what condiments I use so I don’t add anything too sugary like a ton of BBQ sauce.

Here’s my favorite new shake recipe you gotta try!

Chocolate PB!

Pretty simple: 310 Chocolate310 Powdered Peanut Butter, banana, and almond milk. That is definitely my go-to that I drink most often.

Staying Motivated Through Community...

The 310 Facebook Community is EVERYTHING! It's like having thousands of cheerleaders encouraging me every day! Whenever I have a bad day, or made a poor food choice, or am just lacking motivation, I click on the 310 Community page on Facebook and read through everyone's inspiring posts. I often read through the pages for inspiration, and I hope that I can inspire some folks too.

If you’re thinking about starting your journey with 310, my advice is that you have to want it for you, first and foremost. If you don't take care of yourself, who will? I am a better person, mother, wife, coworker, all because I am healthier and feel better about myself. I have energy and feel amazing, and I can do so much! And I’m in the 310 Facebook Community waiting to cheer YOU on!

Ready to Try 310? 

Our 310 Try It All Kit gives you a chance to try an assortment of products and flavors to find your favorites before committing! It’s the perfect way to start your journey to ultimate health with 310.

This kit includes 6 delicious flavors of 310 Meal Replacement Shakes, green Juices with 70+ superfoods, alkalizing Lemonades with 0 sugar under 13 calories with Green Tea Phytosomes,  Detox Teas to help you rid your body of years of built up toxins and bloat, a Shaker Cup to make and take along your drinks, a book with easy-to-make healthy recipes,  a phone session with a health coach, and even a $10 gift card to 310!

It’s currently a steal-of-a-price at only $69.00! ($146.99 Value)  That’s over 50% off! You can do this!

We also invite you to join our Facebook Community so you can see firsthand how hundreds of thousands of men and women are motivating each other on their weight loss journeys.

Want more inspiration?! Browse more weight loss success stories here!

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