What Does 200 Calories Look Like?

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Possibly one of the most difficult parts about eating well is resisting the occasional bite of whatever. It’s just one gummy bear, you tell yourself. It basically doesn’t even count, right?

Wrong. Of course. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Seriously though, a single handful of gummy bears adds up to 200 calories. And who in their right mind only eats a single one? One turns into two turns into the entire bag, served with a side of horrendous stomachache.

This unfortunate calorie count isn’t exclusive to gummy bears, in case you’re not a fan of the candy and thought you’d get off scot free. 200 calories actually looks surprisingly different in every kind of food.






I mean really, who would have guessed that you’d actually get to eat this much bacon before the count hit 200? It’s fried meat, after all. That’s about 5 pieces of bacon, by the way.






Conversely we have 200 calories of carrots. That’s more or less an entire bag. Who eats an entire bag in one sitting? Approximately no one, until now anyway. That’s a lot of carrots and presumably pretty filling as well. If you want to lose weight and are doing so by counting calories, carrots are clearly the way to go.






Speaking of low calorie vegetables, how about trying on celery for a smaller waist size? No wonder people munch on them to avoid higher calorie foods. You have to eat a ton in order to make a dent in your caloric budget. Plus that crunch is oh-so-satisfying.


Glazed Doughnut




You don’t even get to finish an entire glazed doughnut before hitting 200 calories and that is just not fair. Glazed doughnuts, as delicious as they are, are the most basic doughnut you can get. Just imagine how many calories are in the more extravagant ones!






That’s right. There are 200 calories in a single medium sized avocado. I don’t think most of us just go around munching avocados, but think of the guacamole! Think of the avocado toast! If it weren’t for the plethora of other nutritional benefits, such as Vitamin K and 15 grams of healthy fat, I’d think the avocado has betrayed us.


Canola Oil




On the plus side, it’s not like anyone goes around drinking the stuff, so even though 200 calories of canola oil is contained in such a small amount, the amount you actually consume when you cook with it isn’t nearly as much. Regardless, it’s a little heartbreaking, since it’s such an essential item for cooking.


Lowfat Strawberry Yogurt

Does anybody guzzle this much yogurt at once? Well, if you do, now you know that it’s about 200 calories worth. Maybe in this case we should stick with the pre-portioned cups. Maybe add some fruit and oats in there to round it out as a wholesome breakfast.


Flax Bread




Four slices of flax bread equal 200 calories? That’s truly amazing, considering most bread slices are around 80 or 90 calories for a single slice. It’s likely that these slices are a bit on the smaller side, but for those who avoid bread because of the calories, you may have found your answer here.


310 Shake



Our 310 Shake "Green Fields Forever" is on 189 calories".

And of course there's 310 Shake. You can count on this meal replacement shake not to surprise you with any hidden calories; at only 90 calories per serving, this shake is a diamond in the rough. Add some fruits and leafy greens to round that count up to an even 200.

This is just a snapshot of the entire 200 Calories series that was conducted by wiseGEEK. While the study itself is an interesting look at how the same number of calories can vary so greatly between foods, it suggests another point. It’s important to know what you’re putting in your body. A small bite of junk food, a couple pieces of candy, easily add up. Head on over to wiseGEEK for a full look at all of the pictures, as well as specific portion sizes for each food selection.

Pictures Courtesy of Bore Panda.

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